Hope the winter is nice, sunny and warm wherever you are. Basically the opposite of what surrounds me. You know, I do like grey actually, but this wether just stopped doing it for me. It is my 7th week being settled and I am kinda getting ready to up and go. Doing the work that I do it almost feels like time travel, because next time I will be back here it will be still sunny – hopefully and kinda warm for late August.

So this week I ordered my first grown up pair of glasses and uploaded a little video wearing them on instagram tilted “new chapter” and you know what, this is kinda how I feel now and it is not about the glasses actually. I feel like I reached some sort of new stage of life mentally, kinda more grown up. Mind you I am 31 and my feeling of being “grown up” comes from realising that we all live in our unique different timelines. Maturity and readiness for certain things we perceive in society as standard to be achieved by certain ages is just inaccurate and irrelevant. We all grow at different rate. 

In the last 10 years, I moved abroad, got a degree I wanted and started working in my field, actually feeling confident that I do it well by now. So technically I could do that all over again, choosing a different degree and by the time I am 40 I have a brand new career. But you know the thing is, in my 20s I studied because I wanted a to have skills for the job I wanted to do. Now I feel like I would just want to study, because I find something interesting.

I think the summary of my “new chapter” realisation is that I am dropping expectation for myself and others. It feels so much lighter to walk, knowing that all I have to do is to listen to my own body clock and desires.

Anyway, if yo are still here. Thank you. All of a sudden I went a bit deep… the rest of the week wasn’t like that actually. A lot of activities and socialising. Feels good, being a friend and appreciating other peoples journeys. 

Love to you all!


Monday. Pilates. Manicure. Too hot to handle season 3.

Tuesday. A little walk in my new area. Met up with a friend, went to a short film event. Cleaned my home and made some food.

Wednesday. Pilates in the morning, shower breakfast and.. an exhibition of an old wooden house which is soon to be a museum. Interesting. Quick lunch with another friend, a stroll through the shops and an hour of quiet time reading at one of my favourite coffee shops. Then home, dinner and a stroll through the town Center for the light festival. In bed by midnight. My goal this week.

Thursday. Went for an early morning Pilates class. Shower and breakfast at home, just before going to the lawyers office to sign the very last bit of paper for my flat. Phew.. next Tuesday I’m picking up my keys! After the paperwork I met up with my friend and her autistic son, we had a little lunch and chat. She doesn’t get out much I think, as her son requires constant care. In the late afternoon I had another acupuncture session and a crazy thing happened. As she was placing the needles around my inner knees my head started spinning like crazy, I asked if that is normal and the therapist removed the needles. She said that the area there is responsible for eyes and head, hence my head spin. After the needles were out it all went back to normal, so it seems I’m very susceptible.

Friday. Woke up early, cleaned my apartment, had a very thorough shower and.. went to get my wisdom teeth surgically removed. It went quicker than I though, but as unpleasant as I imagined. I do admire their profession though. It was my first dream growing up, to be a dentist. I think I would enjoy it now as well, basically all your “customers” can’t talk and have to listen to you – perfect. Jokes aside I even looked into university degrees for it. For most part studies last 5 years and in Europe prices vary around 14000 euro a year, which is a lot! BUT hold my mouthwash, I looked into universities in the UK (this is where I got my degree years ago) AND for EU students one year of education now costs 32000! I mean! I am so grateful I managed to get my education when I did, because now… I was shocked. Why education is such a privilege??

Saturday. So my brother had a covid test done on Thursday, because he wanted to attend a team building even at work yesterday and for that he needed that “passport of possibilities”. He is unvaccinated so his only chance of getting it is to be tested and then for 72 hours he can be a part of society. It is pretty sick when you actually think about it. But what it meant was, he had “possibilities” the whole day on Saturday. So we met up early to take advantage of it. We did mall, cinema, coffeeshop, desert place, TV tower aka tallest building in Vilnius, went to the ex prison – now a rather hipster venue where we stumbled upon a mini concert of a music school graduates. Drove around for a bit and went back to mine to play assassins creed. It was a fun day. Ah yes we also picked up my glasses which I ordered earlier this week. He said it added some IQ points to my appearance. Brothers and compliments.. 

Sunday. Woke up in pain, swallowing my own saliva was a torture. Oh well. I cooked, ate and popped some painkillers. Now I am sitting here with my new glasses on, writing and listening to coffeehouse playlist on Spotify. I don’t feel like going for a walk today, it is so slippery here I am afraid to fall on my face. But actually I am probably just too lazy to put on extra layers of clothes. Winter is actually only nice for a brief moment, living in it is annoying, unless you have shoes with metal spikes I guess.


  • Home cooked meals. Breakfasts and dinners.
  • In bed before midnight.
  • Socialising
  • Reading!
  • Dualingo!
  • Acupuncture
  • Amount of parking lots now being changed into building sites of a new office or apartment blocks! Crazy!

Cheers with a glass full of renewed elephant!