Hanes: Frosted blond tips, kindest eyes and a gentle smile. That’s how I remember him. He was my 2nd AC clapping A camera. So polite in the way he talks and it never felt forced, it is just who he is. As well as a skater, professionally when he was in his 20, now just for fun, but still very much on it. Lives in Hamburg, both parents originally are from Poland, but he doesn’t speak polish. I didn’t ask, but I assume he is of Jewish decent. His legs are covered in tattoos, his arms are clean, apart of one, which he regrets. It’s a ring very similar to one other friend of mine has it. I used to call Hanes my highness as it sounded very similar. He has this cuteness about him, if he was single I might have had a crush on him.

Diego: My Spanish B camera 2nd AC. He stared surfing recently and want to learn how to dive. He was always there when I called his name, always friendly.  I have a lot of warm feelings for him. Another person in Berlin with an accent. He speaks German though 6 years in Berlin for him. Such an interesting side of being an immigrant/ traveller/expat. I can relate to his experience in Berlin through my experience in London. Life is wonderful. Somehow I feel like I will see Diego again.

Javier: On of the very first conversations we had, we were filming on a boat just north of Hamburg. We were sitting in this cabin being swayed form one side to another taking about dreams and childhood. Javier told me that when he was a child he enjoyed a tape measure a lot. You know those mechanical ones. I used to love them too. Me and my brother would play as if they were lightsabers. So Javier tells me that when he was a child he enjoyed guessing the distance on the tape measure and he was often right. Also he told me that in that age he thought to himself if there is a job where he could be doing just that. My non film friends you might not know, but he is a focus puller, which means that he has to make images in focus based on their distance to the lens. He literally does what he wanted as a child for work. Javier for me is a prime example of manifestation. 

Lukas: Ah Lukas. My Voice of Jesus. My Qtake operator, my friend, my German teacher. Lukas is from Cologne. He is rather reserved so I do not know much about him, but he made me feel like I wanted to share about my life to him. And I did. He also had a microphone on my monitor to listen to what I was saying and sometimes asking. Like the playback. He is so so nice to work with I wish to do it all over again. Lukas you have my love. 

Martin: He lifted me of my chair once and swung me out of the way. That’s a cute memory I remember. He is one of the sparks. Looks pretty cool and a bit intimidating. Somehow feeling like he likes me made me feel special. I did like him too actually, in a bit more of a romantic way. One weekend, well the only weekend when I had a night out me and him shared a taxi and wondered streets of Berlin together. It was very nice actually. He is vegetarian and has not killed an animals since he was 18/19. He does keto sometimes. I think he is very gentle and intelligent, but somehow hides it behind a cool untouchable cover. 

Patrick: My very first friend. He wanted to practice his Russian in exchange of practicing his German with me. We went to Lubeck together. He is German, but he reminds me of a Russian gentleman. I feel like I will see him again and I hope that is true.