I am late, because well, I had one heck of a week.

I got the keys to the apartment I bought just before the new year and then it began. So much had to be done in such a short space of time that the week just vanished and honestly I am still trying to catch my breath. Ah yes also for the most part of the week I was still in pain from the teeth surgery and couldn’t eat properly. Luckily I am all good now, no nerve damage and I am actually sitting on my own couch. 

No time for mindfulness walks this week so no photos sadly, but then again, the weather is so bad here right now I am not sure anyone would want to see that much grey and dirt.

OK, I will stop myself here as there is a risk of me complaining. The stress has not been good for my positive outlook on life, need to work on that.

Hope you are all well and healthy!



Monday. Tooth ache all that. Stayed at home. Tomorrow my new flat aways, cannot believe. Did some German today and read few chapters of the book. Rather productive to be honest. Had a call with my therapist as well. Good day overall.

Tuesday. Picked up the keys to my new apartment. It is so empty, not a single bin in the whole flat, not even a mattress to sleep on. So yes today I am not moving in. My mission was to pick a mattress, which I did and my brother helped me deliver that 50kg monstrosity of comfort. Also I booked furniture cleaners to come and steam clean the dirt out of all the soft furniture. Cannot wait. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to sleep there from now on. Eek!

Wednesday. So I had the cleaners making my new flat sparkling today. While they were at it I spent some time registering for all the utilities. Such a long process. Had an acupuncture session in the early afternoon and ahh I really needed it, I was feeling so stressed. In the evening I went to the mall and got a tv, a washing machine and a cooker which will be delivered to my apartment tomorrow. Productive day. Ah yes may brother came over and helped me to place the mattress on the bed today. I had to wait for the cleaning to be done before putting in out and now it has to wait 24 hours before I can actually sleep on it. 

Thursday. 9am I was back at my new flat again waiting for the builder to come and fix the ceiling in the bathroom. After, there was a delivery of all the stuff I ordered yesterday. Then Ikea trip. Cannot find a decent bin to fit my cupboard under the sink.. Ikea run out of the bedsheets I wanted to get. I feel like I am getting more stressed everyday. Doing all this moving in on my own is not that much fun. Also I realised that this a first time ever I move into a new apartment all on my own, usually I would have done it with a boyfriend in the past.

Friday. 9am back at the new flat, because well I still do not sleep here. People came to install the tv and the rest I ordered few days ago. I won’t go into too much detail as the experience made me rather upset and I don’t want to think about it anymore. But at the end of the day it was all done and  I went to the cinema to watch first 2 parts of Harry Potter movies as part of a movie marathon which is about to happen this weekend. I wish I had time for it, would love to see it all in the cinema.

Saturday. I woke up so drained I did not feel like packing at all, but this is what I have planned to do today. Pack up my friends place I was staying at and move into my new flat. To be honest I can’t believe I managed to do it as quickly as I did in the end. Of course my mom, her husband and my brother helped, they litteraly carried everything to the two cars they have arrived with as I stood hugging my mom and crying on her shoulder. What a day.

Sunday. Woke up in my new apartment for the first time. I still can’t believe that technically this is my home now. I have been “homeless” for this long.


  • New home, new everything.
  • My mama and all the help.

Cheers with a glass full of stable elephant.