To be honest I am so late I was contemplating merging two weeks together. BUT. This post has been sitting and waiting to be uploaded since Monday. My time management these days is not at its peak really. Not sure what is happening with me, but it seems the moment I start my day it is almost over. ALSO. It seems that I constantly clean my apartment. As in there is always something to tidy, rubbish to take out and floors to hoover, not to mention the loads of laundry. Is this the real adult life I have been warned about?

Anyway. I am definitely not complaining this is a new chapter and I am fully embracing it even if it’s just for the next few weeks, because yes, my work abroad is coming super soon. Next stop Thailand again, but this time for the full 6 months. 6 months when I can forget the housework, cooking and pretty much all the regular life. I am a bit excited, I haven’t worked this year yet so it is time. 

OK. All in all, I am counting my last few weeks back home so I will try to make the most of it here and out and about. The spring is coming and it’s my first time in a while witnessing the season change. Magical actually. Sweet ending to my wintery break in Lithuania.

Love to you all. Hope you’re staying healthy.


Monday. This week I decided to build a bit of a routine and registered to have my pilates classes at 9 am everyday, Wednesday being an exception aka the rest day. So off I went, nearly slipped on ice as I was approaching a studio. So dangerous these days! After the class we had a spontaneous meet up with a friend, firstly we unpacked my new Dyson hover and she hoovered my floor, as it was so much fun and after we went to a coffee shop to read our books and send emails in my case. I had my call with the therapist from there. Also another friend decided to join us and we had a very spontaneous dinner party at my place. The very first in the new flat.

Tuesday. 9am pilates, breakfast at home. Finished reading my book. Ordered few things for the flat. Like a kettle. Cannot wait to have a cup of tea. Ah yes also got few more books. I used to read a lot before I moved to UK, I’ve missed it. I feel like now I am finally able to realise those little dreams I used to say I had when I was young, like owning my own little library, having a tea collection, a piano, home cinema. I used to say I wanted all that one day, when I had my own place and boom, now it can be a reality, it just didn’t sink in yet. I am utterly grateful.

Wednesday. I tried a new exercise place which is around the corner from my new place. It uses electric stimulations in a special suit which you have to wear to amplify the effects of a workout. The class takes about 20 minutes, but after it I felt like I had a proper hour of work. Pretty interesting. I decided to book in for next week as well to supplement my pilates training. In the afternoon I did some tiding in the apartment, I ate and ordered a box of keto deserts from a local cafe. What a treat. I had few calls with my friends, my mom and actually did some work for the Thailand job. They asked me to time the scripts, basically read, picture and give time to project the expected running time.

Thursday. 9am pilates, 11am laser appointment, picked up my kettle. Finally! Booked my mom to see a doctor this evening. Bought a bunch of teas, because I love those and actually for the first time ever I feel like I can do that because I can leave them behind when I go off to shoot and once I am back I will find them in the cupboard again. I wonder if it will help my commitment/abandonment issues. Hmm. I got home in the afternoon and had plans to enjoy the sunshine, but instead I took an accidental nap after my late breakfast and woke up just in time to go to the clinic to meet up with my mom for her appointment. It is kinda sweet, she used to take me to doctors as I was a kid and now I can do that for her.

Friday. 9am Pilates. My friend with her autistic son came over just after 11am. A little bit intense baby-sitting. Went to remove bruises on my face. Yes I got those again from wearing a mask.. When will it end. Rest of the day I was unpacking and reorganising my home again. I kept dreaming of reading a book peacefully and watching a movie so finally realised some of that dream and watched the Dune. One Oscar nominated film from my list of what to watch is done. Hurray.

Saturday. I took my mom to the acupuncture specialist I also go to, today. She is amazing, I have recommended her to some of my friends and they also had some great results after her visits. Glad I can take my mom there too. Feels like a full circle, because my mom introduced me to acupuncture when I was a sick asthmatic child. I bet she needed treatments then as well, but she couldn’t afford it, as she paid for mine. Glad I could do that for her now. Being adult is cool. SO in the evening I had a little house warming / friends who have lived in the UK party. Basically old uni reunion. It was so much fun and I love gathering them all together. Also super glad that my neighbours did not call the cops or didn’t bang on my doors as we were too loud at times. Anyway good night!

Sunday. Woke up at 9am. One of my friends stayed on my couch, since he came from another city for the party. My first overnight guest. We had breakfast together, I actually had an opportunity to cook for two for the first time since I don’t actually know when. We have been friends since university and I don’t know whether that’s our mutual interests and the time we have known each other, but it seems that we always have something to chat about. For hours. So yes, he left at around 2pm and literally straight after, my brother came to pick me up and we went to moms. I collected few of my bags from there to sort out in my own home now. Proper moving starts..


  • New home.
  • Friends and parties.
  • Acupuncture.
  • Mama.
  • Settling in.
  • Spring is coming.
  • Healthy routine.

Cheers with a glass full of ever-growing elephant.