I am a little late. Again. But, this time I had more photos to go through as I actually spent some time outdoors last week.

Honestly at the moment I am a little confused as to what I did exactly last week, so maybe I need to re read my own diary to remember. All I know that the time is going super mega fast and I started making all the arrangements for my departure on the 5th of March. Also I kinda forget that once I am there I have to start working and hmm, I feel a little too lazy for that. It took me up until now to realise that I am free from work and boom back to it. 

Anyway. No pity talk here, I am in pretty productive spirits actually still and I know there will be a lot of new and exciting things to keep me entertained while working away. Hope you are all staying healthy and sane. When is the pandemic gonna be officially over??



Monday. 9am Pilates, eFit class straight after. Sunny day. Went to get my nails done and decided to also get my eyebrows sorted. Ah yes had another trip to IKEA, I feel like I live there by now.. in the evening I had plans to watch a movie and be in bed before midnight, but somehow I wasted my time on a phone. I really need to limit my scrolling it’s getting out of hand.

Tuesday. 9am Pilates. Unpacking and tidying. It was sunny today so I called up a friend to have a walk. We walked and talked. She was sad. Had an argument with her bf on Valentine’s Day. Typical. My mom says that days like these always put extra pressure which causes arguments. I remember last year I had a very similar horrible situation, one of the worst days really. Actually yes it’s in line with when I got abandoned by someone I cared about on valentines just after having a surgery. Anyway. In the evening my tv table have arrived and it needed building. My brother came and the three of us did that together and I ordered us some ribs from a really nice place near by. Was a good evening in the end. Ah yes I passed out on my couch and it turns out it is decently comfortable .

Wednesday. Day off from all the sports. Having an apartment means I spend a lot of time making it tidy. Who could have thought..? Met up with a friend to walk her dog and then ended up at her place, because as terrible as it will sound I did not want her dog in my squeaky clean flat. I did not know what to expect.. my attempt to be in bed by midnight and read was a partial success. I fell asleep as I started reading a book and because I have no nightstand or a lamp next to my bed yet I slept through with the light on and a book next to my face. Safe to say it wasn’t the most peaceful rest.

Thursday. 9am pilates, a walk home in the rain, stopped by to buy some roses as I have a beautiful vase now. Went for the eFit class for an extra session of cardio on “steroids”. Spa like shower at home, meagre breakfast as I have no food in my fridge. Went for a session of acupuncture, was feeling a little sad for the lack of reading so decided to do just that. Also did some German and in bed before midnight. Finally!

Friday. 9:30am pilates, because I had to go to another studio. Closer to the clinic I am meeting my mom today at. I registered her to see a gynaecologist. Well as I thought, she needs some treatments. I am glad I will still be here while she has to undergo everything. Also I am so glad I had finances to do that too. Yes our health system is free and no one will let you die if you need an emergency anything, BUT if it is not technically an emergency the waiting line to get something checked out is crazy long. Actually kinda like in the UK. SO, yes I am glad I could have booked my mom privately to get it all checked out and sorted before I leave, otherwise she wouldn’t probably go as she feels bad that I am “wasting” money on her.

Saturday. Road trip getaway with my brother this weekend. We spent a lot of time in the car driving through small villages until we reached the destination which was Nida aka the beach town I have talked on here years ago. It’s probably my favourite place to go to in this country. So peaceful and especially now when we are out of season. The only downside was, that it was super stormy, it started snowing at one point and the region started flooding. I booked us a hotel to spend the night in Nida and took my brother out to drink some cocktails. He knows nothing about them and doesn’t actually drink much alcohol in general. I felt like an older brother teaching him things.

Sunday. We woke up rather early, did some little sightseeing in the Nida region and drove to another beach town of Palanga. We used to go there on family holidays as children. Obviously now it looks so so different. I think I haven’t been back there with my brother since our last holiday there probably over 20 years ago. What a scary number! So anyway, we had a good time regardless the weather and drove home in the evening. What I realised while being driven on the dark road that the astigmatism which I got diagnosed with a month ago is really a thing now. I mean that’s crazy how I never had it before and now I could barely keep my eyes open due to all the bright light. I wonder if its curable..


  • Acupuncture.
  • Changing season. Spring. 
  • Reading. 
  • Friends.
  • New home.
  • Pilates, walks, eFit.

Cheers with a glass full of elephant!