Hello and welcome to Thailand! Again. 

This is actually where my diary entries began in the pre covid world of 2019. Wau! Also I feel this is where my life of work and travel on the road really began. I have been blessed with opportunities and people through out my career and life. I am so so grateful even if it doesn’t read sometimes like that. Also thank you guys for stopping by to check on me through out my journey through this sometimes lonesome life, it means a lot to me to know that I am not writing into this vast void, but my experiences actually reach other people too.

OK, that all being said I will just quickly sum my week up. Well ,it was not that very exciting to be honest as I spent all of it on my own and having all those dark war thoughts to deal with was definitely a challenge. I had few unexpected online chats with friends which actually gave me some clarity and once again I realise that I have to open up to people more often. 

In other news I feel like I gave myself a rather slow and steady start to settle in. I have found a reformer pilates studio here not too far from the home resort and even attended a class. Also I finished reading Remarque “All quiet on the western front” and started his next novel “A way back” I feel it is very appropriate for todays times.

I have been sending some financial support to a friend of mine in Ukraine and trying to convince her to come to Lithuania and stay in my apartment. However, she still feels useful being in Ukraine and helping others so I totally understand. I would probably do the same if I was her. The world somehow feels surreal and very real at the same time. All of a sudden things which I considered problems don’t really have that much power over me. Peace is practice as my friend said and keeping balance is a key to it.

Wish you all the peaceful and balanced week!



Monday. Got the per diems, made some work calls and worked worked worked. I still find it pretty strange to be here in Thailand, it literally feels like a dream from which someone might wake me up any moment. I am trying to push those thoughts away. I took a shuttle to the local market and got some water and shampoo as I usually get it at the airport, but this time most of the shops in Helsinki were closed, probably still due to covid. After the war has started covid seems like such an old news, I find it bizarre that here in Thailand you have to wear a mask everywhere, kinda like in Morocco a year ago. One would think that we would be getting better.

Tuesday. I worked all day from my room today. I am taking the advice of soft isolation slightly too seriously I think, but hey ho. Got my electronic SIM card today. It is so easy to set up I was shocked. Pretty impressive, also now as I write this I feel like perhaps I am so old I’m too late with this hype.

Wednesday. I slept through the two attempts from the room service to clean up my apartment. Since coming to Thailand I stopped setting up an alarm clock in the morning and I allow myself to sleep. Luxury. For now. I will have to create some sort of schedule soon, but yes, for now was alright. SO. I went out to get some water today and had a lunch outside. Also had a long call with a dop friend I worked with few years ago. I mentioned that my current show doesn’t have a director for the block 2 and he suggested I put myself forward for the job. It got me thinking that perhaps I should. I don’t really have much to loose apart of my sanity if all goes bad when I get it, but then again, it would be something new. 

Thursday. Big meeting day. I was looking forward to it, I wanted to see my colleagues. Otherwise a pretty busy day, working from my room. Oh and I had a 2nd covid test done which came back negative in the evening. Hurray!

Friday. So today was the very first time I made it to the breakfast on time. It’s alright. I also read a little and did some work. Should be doing more work to be fair, but the lack of shooting scripts is pretty demotivating. Also I finally walked into town. It takes about 25 min and I signed up for Pilates reformer classes. First one will be tomorrow. Looking forward to that. I need a bit of the routine. Also I watched the sunset and had the overpriced dinner. Talked to my mom and sister. She is having a birthday in few days. Funny thing happened. Well it’s not like haha funny, but showcases very well how unaware I am of my lack trust in men. Basically my mom and me talked about getting my sister a present and thought of many different ways how we could possibly send or deliver it to her and kinda agreed that ok, we will do it sometime later in the year, me being away and all. So imagine our surprise when her fiancé messaged me while we were having that discussion and asked if there was anything we wanted to get her for the birthday and both my mom and me went like, “shoot, we considered driving all the way to Spain, before asking her bf who lives with her, to get her the present” crazy hey. We have issues clearly.

Saturday. I am in bed. I had a rather productive day today and finally feel tired at 8pm. My heart is heavy. I have spoken to some friends back in Europe, watched sunset and children playing in the water and just thought. Well those kids have no idea of the evil going on in the world and you know I really hope that by the time they can understand it, there will be no evil left. A friend of mine messaged me yesterday saying that peace is something you practice, not just hope for. I thought that was beautiful.

Sunday. Hotel breakfast, pool, book, tan, massage, sunset with the coconut. Catch ups with family and friends. In the evening the director and the dop have arrived to Phuket so we had few drinks. My first social thing since getting here. Still went to bed before midnight. Had a crazy dream, I was crying out loud and actually woke myself up because of it. 


  • Watching sunsets.
  • Finding balance and peace.
  • Pilates and walks.
  • Work.
  • Reading.
  • Family and friends.
  • Sunshine and being healthy.

Cheers with a glass full of practicing peaceful elephant!