Week 2. I feel like I have been here much longer than that. I had an interesting week in terms of all the work related activities, travel and socialising. I am not normally like that at the start of the job, but I suppose here I already know some people so I feel safe to explore and relax. Had some rather inspiring conversations and actually feel a bit more alive again. Not checking news helps.

Wish the time difference with Lithuania was shorter, as I have missed talking to my mom. 

Every time I do a job I create a Spotify playlist for that specific job, I listen to it when I time the scripts for the mood and pace, but also it becomes some sort of a timecapsule of the whole experience. Today as I was editing the photos for this blog I was adding more songs to my playlist and I am pretty pleased how it is turning out. Full moon party vibe. Happy memories.

That all being said, my Ukrainian friend managed to escape and is on route to the UK. One day at a time.

My brother was in my apartment earlier jn a week to take meter readings and showed me around as I forgot to take videos of my own home. It is nice, I hope I get to see it again and it won’t get bombed. 

OK, but on a more positive note. Hope you are all living your dreams, because apart of all the horrific things in the world I am actually living my 17 year old self dreams.



Monday. Woke up, had a shower and put on a crop top. I never wear crop tops, but I bought two specifically for Thailand so it was time I tried. Had breakfast and then did rounds saying hello and introducing myself to the crew. Was fun. Then did some actual work, had a bit of food, got changed and went for the evening Pilates. It was great actually. Walked back home in the dark, showered and got changed into my new “bridal” pyjamas feeling successful and clean. Made myself a cup of tea and talked to my therapist. All is good, when I don’t dwell too much. I am practicing peace.

Tuesday. Woke up, had a shower and breakfast. Ironed my clothes and actually thought about what to wear. You know, that is not something I give too much though, I kinda wing it for the most part, the main thing for me is to feel comfortable and confident. Anyway, went to the office to do some work and poof 3+ hours have flown by. Went back to my room for a quick snack and had to log into zoom for the read through of the scripts. 4 episodes 4 hours. Long. After all that I decided to go to that bar called Pig something and have some warm food and a drink, but they had a wrap party booked there for tonight, so I only could get a drink and not food. Hmm. On my way back bumped into Si and Holly. They are a cute couple, we chatted about what went down in our budget meeting today and well I am sure it is all for the best. Now I am in bed trying to read a book, but the time difference with Europe makes it a prime time to text me and I can’t resist.

Wednesday. Pilates in the morning and …Day 1 of technical recces. Was so much fun, feeling like on a Field Trip. Met up with the other Thai colleagues who I have worked on the Serpent with. It was so much fun. In the evening I went to grab some food at the local pig bar and bumped into our main cast. Had 2 sugar free mojitos and decided to do some “work” and use this time to get to know them in a casual environment. It was very very nice actually and I’m sure the relationships we will built will be useful for our joint goal of making this show as good as it can be. Also bummed into Annie and her Simon by the pool and had a little glass of wine with them. Basically an extremely social evening. Can’t believe it. 

Thursday. Day 2 of recces. Much earlier start than yesterday. A lot of beautiful locations and the best meal I have had in Phuket so far. I was so happy after it, I even surprised myself. 

Friday. Spent the whole day on the boat recceing islands and beaches. That’s something like the dream come true. It was so so beautiful. Looking forward to shooting there. Also had another social evening listening to Si complain and somehow it didn’t get to me, I’ve listened to him and gave a genuine opinion, but managed to keep my peace. Interesting. Had wild dreams in my sleep though.

Saturday. Last day of checking the locations. It was fun. Had a very delicious lunch, took some photos. There was a party in the local pig bar in the evening. It was so much needed! To my surprise the make up department was rather shy and didn’t join in all the dancing first as per usual. I felt like I have done an incredible amount of socialising and gathering people together which is not something I do at parties unless they are with my close friends. But yes well I suppose here I feel like I have friends already. Anyway good good night.

Sunday. Slept in, read a book and took a taxi with Annie and Simon to the mall for a mooch. Had food, shopped and went to see the Batman. Si joined us for that and it is always fun to watch movies with other film crew as they think about their own departments and usually get an additional angle. Very interesting. Also Si finally seemed better and we actually had a good chat in the evening about ambitions and progressions. Grateful.


  • Recces. Locations are incredible. I am literally living my 17 year old self dreams right now.
  • Something Si said. “Helping depends on perspective, you can direct and help the actors”
  • Thailand. Boats, beaches, sunsets.
  • Swimming and pilates.
  • Pad kra pao aka pork basil, my go to meal with the fried egg on top.

Cheers with a glass full of practicing peace and life elephant.