SO. If the week would have been easier this would have reached you on Monday, as I had it all written and ready to go. BUT, in a way I am glad that I waited, because on Monday you would have gotten a very emotional version of me and now I am better. Funny how human brain works. So yes, 8 weeks in Thailand already wau, I am starting to feel it. Or maybe that is my ear infection, more on that in week 9. For now this is me on that emotional Monday.


I am on set, on a dry land and it is Monday the split day. I hope I get to post this weeks update sooner than last week.

So, this morning I bumped into our fun accounts who have stayed in Phuket when we were all shooting in Krabi. They asked me how everything went and you know, I could not say anything, but just sigh. And it is not to say that things were very bad, I just feel drained. 

I asked Hans today if he feels emotionally challenged, because that is something I was thinking about this morning. See my other post. But now after few hours of reflections I wonder whether me feeling emotionally bored is coming more from being drained. You can’t see all the colours of the rainbow if you’re blind.. I don’t know maybe it is just one of those days actually. The divemaster on the boat yesterday said that a big storm is coming, because we saw dolphins on our way to the dive site. All of a sudden I got a bit of a tsunami scare. Or maybe it is a sign of the emotional turmoil which is about to come. Either way, I feel like I need to read a book. I have not done it this weekend and a little expertise. My body needs it.

Hope all of you are doing well. Peace is something we work for. Yes we do. 


Monday. I had a good weekend. After work this French guy, who is actually from Belgium is coming to pick me up for dinner. That was pretty sweet of him to offer actually. I was literally talking to my mom on the phone few days ago saying, that I would like to go on a date with somebody like that and boom. 

Tuesday. I woke up fresh even though I haven’t had that many hours of sleep. I had a good evening last night and the mood sort of carried on. It is a bit of a shame that Victor, (aka the French guy) is leaving today so we won’t see each other again, maybe ever. It is an interesting idea to think that you might vide with someone for a moment and that is that. I do think that there is always a purpose for the chance meeting like this and maybe in my case it is a good reminder that there are nice guys out there. Who will make an effort for me without wanting anything back. It is refreshing. Anyway. Back to work, which was on a boat again all day. Cannot wait to be on the stable ground, soon though. On Friday we are moving back to Phuket. It feels like home now that we have been away for almost 2 weeks.

Wednesday. Feels like Friday. Kinda like yesterday. I passed out as soon as I got home yesterday pretty much. Well I was actually so tired I started falling asleep while still on the phone with Miranda. That’s a bit bad. Now I’m still sitting on the camera boat filming our boat. It is a beautiful evening, I am still in the good mood after my Monday date, but also feel like it was so long ago that did it even happen?

Thursday. Victor has been messaging me a little since he left. We exchanged few videos and it felt nice. It has been a while for texting for me as well. Wouldn’t say that I missed it though, I think it brings back too many bad memories at this point. I would love to have someone here to hang out with in real time rather than chat online. Anyway, the work was hot and sweaty once again. In the evening I packed and popped to the bar to say goodbye to the Lithuanian bartender. He made me few drinks, we talked a little and exchanged IGs. I am feeling way more social on this particular job. Usually I keep myself to myself, but now I enjoy chatting to people who are so different from me and I seem to be meeting a lot of those. Same tonight, there was a man at the bar who works in Saudi Arabia in railways, we talked about his life and travels, my own and it was fascinating, yet never to be seen again. I gave that camino example to the American dude last weekend. Here it feels like my everyday is like a camino, you open up to some, hear them, talk to them and walk away forever. Rather romantic actually.

Friday. Finally. Everyday this week I felt like it was Friday. Today we are returning to Phuket from Krabi. I am so ready. Also last day on a boat for now. It has been memorable and of course pretty special to be shooting in the open water all day long, but I am ready for some more stable surface interval. We filmed on a new island today for the last scene of the week. As my video villages go, this was probably one of the most scenic ones to date. It was at the top of the viewpoint on Hong island. Literally a paradise. The scene for the end was from episode 2, so things are still happier in the story and it all felt pretty fun actually. We wrapped just after 3pm and then after I dipped my head in the sea I hopped on the speedboat with the cast and was wizzed away back to Phuket. It felt like coming home. 

Saturday. I had few drinks in the pig last night. Woke up early today did the pool, tan and swim, got the massage, talked to Hans, got a purple scooter and “drove” to the boat avenue to stroll through the shops. Got lunch and wanted to get a dress, but this being a very heavily Russian area all the styles of those dresses are too Eastern European even for me. 

Sunday. Diving day. Was so looking forward to that. It was not very eventful though, all things considered, but I guess after the whale shark last week the stakes went up. The fun thing though, we saw a bunch of dolphins on our way to the dive site in Phi Phi and apparently that means that the storm is about to come. I love sayings like that.


  • Date night.
  • Last week of the boats.
  • Beautiful locations.
  • Being driven around on the scooter, brings back great memories.

Cheers with a glass full of emotional elephant.