No excuse this week. I had some time off, but no energy for anything.

Funny how I really wanted some time off, but once I got it I was stressing out to the point I couldn’t enjoy it.

It is late now and this week has been pretty unusual so far. I really want to upload this diary and somehow forget about it. Again, a bit weird how I find filing my life in weeks easier to manage. Somewhat less overwhelming.

So yes this week in a way was less busy with filming and more busy with isolating. Covid is still here. Honestly I tend to forget about it until it pops up with a “present” of an unexpected day off. 

Hope everyone is well!



Monday. We are still at the same pier. It’s getting to me to be honest. Also my ear was really bad again so I had to go to the hospital to get more antibiotics and full check done. It seems that my hearing is unaffected, but the doctor did not know where the pressure is coming from. So I might need an MRI. The work was actually pretty pleasant today, the weather was pretty cool and the guys were alright. Not bad for Monday. But then again I missed about an hour and a half of the shoot with my hospital visit. In the evening I had plans with Karolina and Semi to watch the Muay Thai fight. Wau I did not expect to like it as much as I did. Somehow watching actors fake real emotions at work all day made me appreciate the rawness of it so much more. It was great, I am even feeling the possible story there for my future directing gig. Let’s see. Ah yes also I have invited this Lithuanian guy from tinder and two of his friends to come along with us, so it was also pretty fun. Meeting new interesting people was again, refreshing.

Tuesday. Same pier, similar sequence for the scenes. The boat is rocking, I had to take 2 sea sickness pills. I got a bit upset that I was kicked out of the director van, because one of the producers wanted to travel. It made me feel a bit disposable. I don’t think it was his intention to make me feel that way, but he also said that whatever they discussed in the van was not important to me, which is a pretty patronising thing to say and shows that he doesn’t understand how I do my job. I listen and watch even if it “doesn’t concern me” that’s what makes me good. So yea I was upset and I hope that doesn’t continue with the new director.

Wednesday. Last night I ordered room service steak and a cake to stuff my face as a way to avoid eating much at work as the catering is poison. That is not just me saying that, this is an actual fact as more and more people fall ill from it. My strategy kinda worked as I skipped breakfast without feeling too hangry. Lunch on the other hand had to be risked. It was unpleasant, but well. I am surprised that the food issue has not been sorted yet. It reminds me of Morocco and the terrible catering we had there. Honestly what is up with productions these days. Or is it just me being unlucky?

Thursday. I woke up early, because I was asleep at 8pm. Motion sickness is a real thing it just claimed me. BUT as I was waking up to the brand new day of filming I saw a text from Hans that he tested positive for covid. SO. Somehow I wasn’t even that surprised, that man has been worked to the ground just like the rest of us. HOWEVER, that probably means that I will have to isolate as I am his close contact. As it turns out the rules in Phuket say that I have to self monitor and do a test every morning for the next 5 days, but otherwise am allowed to leave my room, just not the resort. Not sure how that makes sense, but ok. I am too tired to do anything anyway, although this would have been a prefect opportunity to go diving. Ah yes talking about that, my booties finally arrived, but they are the wrong size and the insoles I received with them are both for one foot only. This is just madness, I have never experienced such poor service ever I think. Such a shame, because I really do like the gear of fourth element, but this is just so discouraging. 

Friday. It is Friday the 13th and also Hans’s birthday. We had plans how we were going to celebrate it and of course now it is full on isolation for him and there isn’t much we can do about it. Nina went shopping yesterday as she is the only one allowed to leave the resort premises. Lucky we have her. We got some decorations for him and put it all in his terrace. Lucky it is on the ground floor. I ordered a named balloon for him and it was so so cute until it burst in the wind, because of course it was another mega windy day. Glad we are not in the open sea filming to be honest. So I did what I do best and ordered exactly the same one to replace it and forget it ever happened. For most part I spent the day in my room or delivering food to people when it turned up at the reception. I am so tired I can’t explain it. I am surprised I have no covid at this point. Kinda wish I could get another IV drip just to replenish all the vitamins.

Saturday. Slept in. Did not set an alarm for this morning and just let myself wake up. Had some strange dreams again, but nothing as bad as last week. Had breakfast, bumped into colleges and read a book. I am still on Remarques “A way back” and although someone pointed out to me today that it is not a light holiday reading I disagree. Of course it isn’t light, but I am also not on holiday. People seem to forget about that. Today is the day I have to remind myself that I have to work for peace, so after I finish this I will make a mental list of things I should do to help me feel that. Also I haven’t been shooting for 2 days and I still feel so exhausted that’s almost worrying. 

Sunday. Today I actually had a day off. Did not think about work, stayed by the pool, swam in the sea, played some tennis for the first time. Had dinner with a bit of salad. I missed veggies. Swam in the sea at sunset and went to bed early, because I was so tired.


  • Muay Thai boxing.
  • Karolina and Semi
  • Unexpected time off.
  • First time playing tennis.
  • Swimming in the sea.
  • Hans’s birthday.

Cheers with a glass full of trying elephant!