Hope everyone is well! Health is wealth, this week I am more certain of it as I am still feeling remarkably shit from my recent stomach flu or whatever it was.

Somehow this paradise job does not seem to pan out as happy and cheerful as I originally thought. Not sure what is the deal, is it me? I would love some objective opinion.

We did shoot some nice things last week, even though we did not have our director due to covid. We were on the boat again and it is always a bit more fun and unpredictable.

I have found out how the story ends or at least how they want it to end at the moment and it seems that the actor who is giving the most grief to everyone will be written out of it. That actually cheered me up. 

Anyway, since I am still feeling sick I will keep it brief. Look after yourselves!



Monday. Last day of isolation. Doing some work today. Somehow those 5 days went by super fast. That’s how tired I was. Had another tennis lesson today. Fun, but sore, feel like I need to rebalance myself on the left side now.

Tuesday. For the first time ever I had to work not just with one director, but 2. One being in his room isolating and talking to me on WhatsApp and the other, a brand new person who I will work with for the block 2, technically starting in July. Confusing to say the least, but somehow it all went much better than I thought. The cast was behaving and the change of location was already a mood booster. I feel better about staying on this show till the end.

Wednesday. Last day shooting for Hans. We wrapped early, because everyone thought that we finish at 6pm instead of 6.30pm. I am rolling my eyes here, because come on, it is pretty unfair. The cast was behaved, but also we had one of our execs here today and she is very particular about the lines of dialogue so technically they had to behave. So after the day of work, the new director Kasia was very eager to go for drinks to the pig, so I joined her and found myself with the producers. I mean it was all good and I think they wanted to integrate me into this, so that was kinda nice, but definitely not a relaxing evening getting ready for the shoot of block 2 scripts I had in mind.

Thursday. I am in bed after the whole day on the boat and I am still swaying. Today was probably the worst day in the open sea I have ever had. The fact that no one fell off the boat is a sheer miracle. 8 people had to be evacuated, cause they were too sea sick. Crazy and somehow we managed to shoot the scene. Also when you guys gonna watch it I bet you will never be able to tell that the sea was this rough, because also according to the story we had to pretend that the sea was “dead calm”. So yes, everything is a lie! Had few little moments with the cast today where this one particular girl was questioning my authority all of the sudden. Actors are like spoiled children or sharks, sometimes, they smell weakens and bite. Yea.. annoying that I will have to deal with her all over again.

Friday. We did not shoot anything after lunch today, because of storm. Somehow it all felt fun anyway. I am on a mission to manifest 2 weeks off between block 1 and 2 and it is giving me life to go on. The cast started to act out am little again. Just like kids, sensing the change in the family and pushing their luck, little shits I called them today, lovingly of course, but goodness, no rest for me. Is parenting real kids like that too? Yesterday as I was laying in bed I was really craving clean foods and exercise. Somehow I managed to eat cleanish today and I even went to the gym after work. Wish I could be doing pilates though.

Saturday. It was a rather good day at work followed by a rather good night out. Hans was finally free from his isolation.

Sunday. Slept in. Went out to have lunch with Hans, Nina and Danny to this beautiful sandwich place. After we got massages and I was late for my tennis practice. After all that I was on FaceTime call with my mom when slowly slowly I started feeling very ill. And this is when my night actually started. I have never felt this sick in my life I think. It’s as if my body hated me, I was throwing up, shivering, then feverish and throwing up some more. I must have caught the stomach bug which has been doing rounds in our crew. 

Cheers with the glass full of healthy and resilient elephant!