Double feature today as I skipped last week.

It is Monday and I am feeling happy actually. We are about to start our last week in Phuket and I cannot believe it yet. It has been so challenging in so many different ways and I feel like I have come to the decision to leave this project early and spend some time with my family and not push my health limits. So this time leaving Phuket will be my last time here for now. Although I believe it is the right decision, I do feel a bit troubled about it as I have never left the project early and of course I have nothing else lined up. 

Now I am also feeling a little loved up so all the grim reality of work got a rose tinted paint, which is probably good, but does not reflect the actual reality, which is still termites infested boat – and it is not even a metaphor. 

So to recap my past two weeks that’s the layout below. I was sick, then got better, finished filming the storm sequence on the boat, had few nights out. Met a guy on tinder. Decided to leave this shoot early. 

Love to you all!


Monday. In bed. So so  sick and weak.

Tuesday. First night back. Feeling the love tonight, everyone has been super friendly and welcoming. 

Wednesday. Another night on the boat today. I did not sleep enough during the day, but luckily the scene is fun for once and it is emotionally much easier. I realised that all the heroic stuff of the SAS we shot last year in a way contributed to the general uplifting feeling, because it was not as depressing or emotionally charged as this story is. Ironic that I only thought of it now isn’t it. But of course it matters a lot. Also for some reason I am already thinking about a cool job I could do next. So clearly I am not tired of what I do. I am tired of what I do here. Maybe that’s a lesson for me not to do such longs jobs.. Hmm.. 

Thursday. Another night. Started with more troubles. Last night I said that things here are going from bad to worse and today as I was going for my pick up Simon Damast aka block 2 1st AD said exactly the same and he only had to do a recce today. Well I know that it is possible to get used to everything and in a way it is what it is, so perhaps if I do not think about it I will enjoy it more. Or or I find things outside of work to enjoy. Trouble is, there is no time off. OK. Rant’s over. Tonight we are shooting a storm sequence and so far we have done some tests and they finally look good and when I think about the story only I see it all working. 

Friday. Last night on the boat this week shooting a storm and goodness it looks great. Guys seem to be having fun, cast and crew and even though it is a hard work the energy is positive overall. I have been thinking today about nature vs nurture as in my experience male actors seem to enjoy messy scenes like that way more and when it comes to girls they tend to complain. It is of course not the rule, but I was wondering whether there is something in our upbringing which makes girls generally less free to feel the fun. I remember myself very well in situations similar to this when I was a girl feeling like I wanted to do all the “boy” stuff as it seemed fun, but it made me also feel like I was not fitting in with the girl group of my older sister. 

Saturday. So today we arrived home with the first rays of sun. I had a shower and Danny popped in to ask if I wanted to go to swim in the sea. So I did. The sea was rough, but it was nice to break up the routine a bit. Then I ate the whole plate of pancakes and passed out watching friends. Woke up surprisingly early, the custom balloon I ordered for Annie has arrived and again, me and Danny hopped in on his scooter and went to buy some wine. In the evening we had work party for Hans’s late birthday and screening of some scenes we shot. It was fun, but rather uneventful. Apart of one of the cast and production hooking up.

Sunday. Quiet day in. Acupuncturist came over and after the session she said that it seems that I might have an issue with my thyroid as it felt enlarged to her. She registered me for the blood tests at the clinic next day. Nice of her. In the evening we had a bit of wine with Hans and Denny on Denny’s terrace. 


Monday. Doctor appointment and off to work for the night. So I matched with a boy on tinder today and ended up chatting all morning and into the night night, since I was still at work. It turns out that I have seen him on the street walking by over the weekend. I remember it distinctly because he smiled at me as I was passing by on the scooter with Danny. Weirdly small world. But I take it, I actually think it is pretty romantic. 

Tuesday. It’s 8 pm and my night at work is just starting. Today I feel very tired and somehow incredulous that tomorrow we were given a rest day. Of course at the price of a rest day next Monday, so I am not sure. Well at least it is not raining tonight. The boy I started chatting with yesterday is still present, but tonight I feel a little less enthusiastic. Not sure how much it has to do with him and how much of it is just me being tired. Oh but some good news came out of my chat with the agent and the production agreed to hire an assistant for me from the UK 

Wednesday. Last night rained so much we wrapped an hour early without completing the day. We have managed to have some fun though. There was a time after lunch where me, Danny and Hans all found each other through the storm in one of the cast green rooms and just chilled there. Laughed, joked, did some Pilates. It was great. In the morning I woke up early to go to the doctors for my test results and apparently Benjamin has seen me on the street leaving the clinic. Now it makes two of us who have seen each other on the street without actually seeing one another at the same time, pretty cute. After that I had Pilates, but had to pop by the shop beforehand and accidentally ended up having enough time before class to get a half an hour foot massage. It was wonderful, my first time ever getting that. I got home, had food and took a nap. Now I am at work and it is a rather dry night which is so lucky!

Thursday. Rest day after night work. Well it was supposed to be and it kinda was. I woke up for 11.30am Pilates class even though I went to bed just after 6 am. After Pilates I rushed to get ready and go on the visa run. The run was supposed to be quick and it would have been if my van was not stopped by police. I spent about an hour locked in the van without knowing what was going on, then I was rushed out and left on the side of the road again not knowing what was going on and finally was put back onto my original van and escorted to the police station. From which I was saved by the cast and we finally drove back home. I also had a date planned with the neighbour boy from tinder which luckily I could keep as he seemed to be pretty understanding. So in the end the day was rather nice. I realised that I do not actually meet interesting people who are not in the film industry often. I think somehow I have developed this idea, that only this world exists with fun people in it. In a way it is true for my experience, but it’s good to shake it up and see other worlds which are out there.

Friday. We finally finished filming the storm sequence! Hurray! As I was walking back home with Danny he said that he wants to go out as a celebration. I thought to myself if he is going out I should do the same and what’s the point of having a fun neighbour to hang out with if I don’t do anything spontaneous. So Yes I messaged Benjamin to go for a walk and we ended up playing pull all night. That was a lot of fun. 

Saturday. Last night after work I had a spontaneous date. It was actually super sweet as at the end of it he walked me home kissed me and drove off on one of the purple scooters. It felt very teen like or more like how the movies portray the teen dates, because I did not have anything like that when I was a teenager. So today I am giddy, but tired. 

Sunday. My 7th working day this week.


  • Phuket shoot is coming to an end

Cheers with a glass full of determined elephant.