Hello from Bangkok!

It should be a double feature as well, since I am so late, but somehow it feels like Bangkok and Phuket were two different jobs and deserve the separation. So without any further ado. I wrote this a week ago.


I have not been here since the Serpent when we all got evacuated due to the pandemic in the mid march of 2020. It felt like coming home though. Even the smell of the heat in the air felt so welcoming and comforting. BUT this week is not about that as majority of it I spent in Phuket. 

I would say the week was full of ups and downs. I got very emotional when Hans and Block 1 finished shooting on Tuesday and all left for Bangkok early. It got better as the days went by with block 2.


Monday. Although I had a very relaxing Sunday, today I am feeling dead. So dead, that at the moment of writing about this day, which is actually Sunday, I have no idea what went on. Ah yes we finally shot the beach party and the infamous sex scene. Hallelujah! 

Tuesday. Last day on The Blue boat for Hans and Danny, or so the schedule says at the moment. I am attempting to take photos like a proud parent, but it does make me feel kinda sad, as our experience here is coming to an end. SO. As I wrote that earlier sentence, the things have changed because the engine of the boat was not responding so we cannot reel in the anchor and move, which ultimately means that we are loosing at least half a day of work while the mechanic is fixing the boat. Another day that keeps on giving. 

Wednesday. You know the saying about having balls to do something. Well our shoot here has shown that actually the balls are useless as things turned for the better when people with no actual balls stepped in. Aka shooting block 2 with my lesbian director and a trans story producer by my side. Fantastic I must say. It also made me think about the spectrum of love as usually the men I tend to go out with are pretty camp. In terms of work, the actor everybody dislikes was told last night that she is going to die in the show. That’s karma and I am so happy.

Thursday. Another day with block 2 and I am actually pretty happy. It is going well and quick, but then again we are not doing much coverage at all to be honest, so that would be it. Kasia was even asking how do we manage to get so much stuff shot on block 1 with such complicated cast. I told her that’s why I am so exhausted by this point. Cannot wait fo Bangkok. Ah also supposed to have a date with Benjamin. It’s nice to have someone to hang out with in the area. 

Friday. The week went much better than I thought. Although I’m so tired by the end of it. Perhaps Prosecco which was being shared around after wrap had also something to do with it. We finally wrapped filming in Phuket. I cannot believe it, but well. We have done it. I have mentioned to the new director and co that I am thinking of leaving so I have been receiving a lot of love in order I stay. The director even said I could take a week off to fly to Europe just so I stayed for the whole thing.

Saturday. Woke up pretty early, even though I knew I could sleep in. I packed, got some breakfast at bowl, checked out and met up with Benjamin for a “see you later” coffee, as he put it. Shortly after I had a plane to catch to Bangkok. I am so ready to go. I spent 14 weeks in Phuket and that’s the most time I have spent in one place in a while. I will actually recheck my diaries, because I think that’s definitely true for the past 5 years, excluding the first lock down. But that doesn’t fully count as I was travelling within the country. Anyway. My new place in Bangkok is so much nicer or maybe that’s just the change talking, but I am excited about this. 

Sunday. Today was a good day. I finally slept like a baby in my new big and soft bed in Bangkok. I had breakfast, went for a massage, was driven around on scooters. Got a pilates class which was amazing by the way, got a facial, booked an eyebrow appointment, talked to some colleagues and had a call with a friend about her potentially coming out here for the job. Ah yes and then I ate at home and watched the old top gun film.


  • End of The Blue boat.
  • End od Phuket.
  • New chapter of the same job.
  • Back in Bangkok.

Cheers with a glass full of renewing elephant!