SO. I have finally went through my photos. This week is special as the photos I am sharing I took with my new camera. Well to be honest I kinda took that camera for a walk one evening and that is it, but ah it felt so good. Cannot wait to be able to do more walks like that.

However that will have to wait, because surprise surprise I am isolating, because I got covid again. Literally exactly a year after getting it for the first time in Morocco I got it again now in Thailand. In a way I feel like I have manifested it, if you remember in one of my previous diaries I said I wanted the production to have 2 weeks off and there you go. I feel like I need to up my game and think of something even better as it seems my manifestations keep coming true. Ideas welcome!

Alright so apart of my covid the week was good, I felt like a new woman all of the sudden. Bangkok was a very welcome change for my mental state. Wish had a little bit more time here. But I am also very much looking forward to going back to Europe and meeting my niece finally. My sister keeps sharing her photos in the family chat and she is growing so fast that is adorable!

In other news, I have been hanging out with Benjamin this week. I practiced backgammon, watched a lot of movies, drank cocktails and wine, had a lot of non Keto food and basically had a bit of a boyfriend experience. It felt nice. I haven’t dated in so long.

Hope you are all staying healthy and happy. Covid seems to be still doing rounds around the world, luckily it feels a bit more harmless than before. Sending you all the love!


Monday. Day in. I had a pilates class, which was fantastic. Did my mandatory PCR, which came back negative. Done two loads of laundry. I find that so satisfying. Ordered donuts and Mexican in and watched the new Fantastic beasts film on my laptop. Movie night in, so cosy. Ah yes also had a massage and a lush baht bomb bath before having Annie come in for a glass of red wine while waiting to get picked up to go to the airport. The day was good. Spoke to my mom and sister as well. 

Tuesday. I have just written and uploaded a rather positive diary for the week 15 here. AND, then I went and re read some of my old diaries from my last week in Bangkok on The Serpent, then the wrap post from Morocco and I got a bit emotional. Also I am listening to this Spotify album I have been hooked on for a while. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/37i9dQZF1E8MV5bL54cubN?si=XcGf4-FyReqh8O81_QwmxA I recently got myself AirPods Pro and the sound quality is surprising. I have also realised something. I always used to say that my musical hearing is not good, I went to the music school I did a lot of singing when I was young, so I am aware of my limits, BUT now that I am experiencing music just for pleasure without judgement on my talents I realise that first of all I enjoy it much more and secondly, having good headphones is like a hearing aid, which helps you enjoy the music so much better. Again, I am glad to be an adult with financial means to help my own development. I am my own parent. OK in other news, we are still not filming and more people come back positive. Fingers crossed I stay out of it.

Wednesday. Last night I went for a photography walk it was so so nice. I was listening to the music and just playing with the camera doing what felt nice. It is such an immersive experience I am so glad I did this for myself. Today I woke up a bit fluish, but my covid test was still negative, could be the feather pillow I woke up hugging. I am allergic to that. Oh yes yesterday while I was on the walk it started raining very heavily so I got stranded by some row of shops and discovered a wine store. It was a lucky find as I ended up getting some while waiting for the storm to pass, oh and of course rain can be very photogenic. Couldn’t look through all the photos properly last night because I did not have sd card reader so the mission today is to buy one. As well as PCR test, manicure and pedicure and the pilates. 

Thursday. Woke up to the news that my PCR was negative. Woohoo. The life continues. I did pilates, purchased a hard drive I was after and met up with Benjamin for dinner because he is visiting from Phuket. We did a rooftop crawl which was fun and I actually wore a dress and a bit more make up. It’s nice to have an excuse to dress up slightly. 

Friday. This morning I woke up to a message from production saying that I have to do another PCR test. Basically someone heard me say that I have a bit of a sore throat yesterday and boom. Snitches. Anyway, I did a lateral flow test before going for PCR and it was negative so I was very confident that it will be nothing. So me and Benjamin set off on a cinema day. Three cinemas three different movies. Lightyear, Jurassic world and Elvis. Not sure I loved any of them, but Lightyear and Elvis were definitely the best. Jurassic world is just so so disappointing.. It felt like the script they shot was the original draft, SO LONG.. Oh and so I got a call from Hans saying that Lee told him that my PCR test was inconclusive. Strange that a director would be told that before the actual person in question.. As we got home from our adventures I got an email saying that I am positive for covid and not inconclusive. I did another lateral flow test and it was still negative so I am not sure what is this conspiracy going on.

Saturday. SO. I was woken up by a call from the doctor the production arranged for me. Pretty sweet of them. Also got a basket of fruit and even more medicine. It does feel like I have tonsillitis though and not covid. All my lateral flow tests come back negative so I am confused.. BUT ok. Today I had a day in with Benjamin, eating pizza, having wine and napping during the day. Very nice. 

Sunday. Another day in isolation. Another movie, another bottle of wine, box of donuts and a massive room clean out. I am slowly going crazy.


  • Bangkok.
  • My new camera and a photography walk.
  • Pilates. This studio is just the best.
  • Benjamin.
  • Not a highlight, but me getting covid again is a honourable mention.
  • Having just few more weeks on this job and then FREEDOM.

Cheers with a glass full of photographically inspired elephant!