So I am back at work, so my diary from last week got a bit stuck in the pipeline of things to do.

Overall I feel pretty much at peace. I have missed this feeling. I have recovered from covid with few side effects. I feel tired ALL the time. So, it’s good that I am leaving this job soon. I still cannot believe and of course it feels very bitter sweet as it always does with the jobs.

I will pause here I won’t do any soapy goodbyes just yet, because I have time. Yes that is a brave statement, but I’d like to hope and I am all about manifestations these days, so I am paying more attention to my words as they seem to come true.

Since I spent most of the time in my room the only photos you will see this week is from my very short walk to meet Anne on Sunday. It was more me playing around with different camera setting as well as Lightroom. I am loving my new camera though. 

Alright. Hope you are all feeling good! I send you love! As always.


Monday. Another day in my room. Having Benjamin around makes it easier, but I am slowly going crazy. Also it is ironic, that I got covid exactly a year later. Literally to the day. Today we watched The Beach and King Richard, both very good films. I talked to my mom and sister. We talked about kids. She suggested that I think of freezing my eggs. I must say I didn’t think about that as I always assumed that it is very expensive, but now I’ve looked it up in the private clinic in Lithuania I go to and it is very reasonable. Very. Something to think about. Also Lee asked me if I haven’t changed my mind and would stay. It shook me, because it was so hard to finally tell everyone that I am going and I was so happy that I did not feel like doing it again, not in my covid state.

Tuesday. Ordered Mexican food for breakfast and watched Coco with Benjamin, it was on his movie list. My days are filled with movies food and backgammon as that’s what he is into. I did Pilates today as well. Danny has stolen a yoga mat for me from the gym. I finally managed to get adobe Lightroom classic installed so can set up my Workflows properly. 

Wednesday. Benjamin left today. I cleaned my room from top to bottom again. Ordered some nice Italian food, opened my nice bottle of white and watched Forest Gump. Technically a nice day. Mentally still very challenging. Had a call with Miranda finally and had a little catch up with my family.

Thursday. Woke up, ordered food and watched Onward. Pixar cartoon. Wasted a lot of time on social media doing nothing. Now that I have no reason to even leave my bed I spiral into a racoon like life. Cannot wait for the isolation to be over. Finished editing the photos from my last weeks walk. Actually practiced using lightroom classic. New tool for my new photography game. 

Friday. My test finally came out negative. Phew. Also I am pretty sure I am allowed to go for a walk as of tomorrow. Cannot wait. Did some work today and talked to the script supervisor who is covering me this week. She was happy to hear that I’m back at work on Monday, she said she had enough and that’s after only few days, so glad I’m almost out of the door.

Saturday. I sneaked out for a pilates class. It felt so good to exercise. Afterwards I went to visit the Bangkok gardens, this is where I lived when we filmed the serpent, I had a massage in the same place I used to get massages then. It was so cheap. Also went for food in the restaurant I used to go then and had a call with a script supervisor who is coming in to do the block 2. She is way older and more experienced than me so it was very nice to hear her say thing which I have been saying as well all along, I feel like perhaps they will finally listen. 

Sunday. I woke up and I felt so tired. I suspect this might be the consequence of the covid. I had work to do today and a pilates class in the evening, so I will probably have to take a nap in-between as I am feeling exhausted. Crazy!


  • Watching all the movies I am ashamed I haven’t seen before.
  • Time with Benjamin. Grateful for the company.
  • Finally covid free.
  • Photography.

Cheers with a glass full of strong and healthy elephant!