This has taken me forever, because now I am dealing with much heavier photos AND I played with the camera A LOT. So more work for me in the end. Ahh..

A bit of a shame I am no longer in the same week 18 mood, to reflect properly, but honestly I am so much happier now and cannot wait to share more moments from my new camera as well as my last weeks of Thailand. Few more days to go and I am out of here. What an adventure it was.

Stay sweet, stay kind, stay healthy!



Monday. First day back and it feels like it’s my birthday. Everyone seems happy to see me. A lot of love. Makes me feel a bit sad that I am not staying with those guys till the end. Also today we are shooting at another serpent location. We shot a scene with Marie Andre here in prison in Nepal and now it is a doggy apartament in Philippines. Looks very different, but feels very familiar. So remember how I said that my manifestations come true. SO I realised that for a long time I’ve been saying that this job killed me and now that I am sitting here back at work and feel a bit weak I am starting to think maybe I have literally manifested my own sickness.. crazy.. I need a mind reframe and quick.

Tuesday. We left the hotel at 6am this morning to be on set by 10am, because that’s how far away we are. Basically having a school trip to up north to film some jungle and waterfalls. Beautiful. I do feel tired though. I think maybe its covid, but also I have been feeling nauseous and bloated, which is so unlike me. On our 3.5 hour journey to work we had to pull up the car so I could throw up. Crazy. The rest of the day was good though. I brought my camera with me and was clicking a lot. I am yet to feel settled with it, but it’s good to practice. Your first 10 thousand photographs are your worst so I have a little while to go. 

Wednesday. Another day in Kanchanabri. Hans had a spring in his step this morning we were all shocked and joked about it. Good start. Today our video village was right in the middle of the waterfall. As my workplaces go this is up there with incredible. I was sitting barefoot, clear cold water was tickling my toes and everyone around seemed happy. I think the change of surroundings is so powerful. I have been thinking about that a lot lately actually. Sometimes you have to take yourself out of unmotivating place. There is an instagram quote about it I’ve seen kicking about. Something about the flower and the soil it grows in. Anyway. Today was a very long day, but I fell motivated.

Thursday.  On the way to the location which is almost an hour away. Felt like an early morning, but still, I managed to get some food in. Also last night was a very productive evening for me as I went to Pilates right after arrival back to Bangkok and then had a call with Miranda which made me feel even better. I am glad I feel better mentally more at peace and perhaps more in touch with myself. 

Friday. This week at work feels so fun. We are playing a game of “things you can say at work and also in the bedroom”. That caused some good laughs and also makes me appreciate the fact that we are all friends not just colleagues so we can actually joke like that. Also I have been braver with my photography game. Looking forward to going through the photos. This week we have been changing a lot of locations and today is no exception. 

Saturday. We went out for Dannys last dinner after work yesterday night. In general we had a fun day at work and this dinner was like a cherry on top. This is how work has to feel yes. Today I am a bit tired though and my iPad is playing up too. For the second day in a row it hasn’t charged overnight for no particular reason. Today we are on the train tracks again. One of a most complicated and hazardous locations and our producer decided to go for osteopathy appointment this morning… Yes..

Sunday. Last day in Bangkok for now. Woke up super late, went for Pilates and then met up with Hans.


  • Back on set and feeling happy.
  • Different locations.
  • My new camera.
  • Time with our bad Boyz gang.

Cheers with a glass full of anticipating elephant.