This has been sitting in my notes for weeks again. I am so delayed I am ashamed. BUT photos take time. ALSO this is my last week in Thailand when I actually worked. EMOTIONAL and weird. Does not feel like the end of the job. All in all I am so grateful I made out of it in one piece.

Hope that if you ever choose to learn anything in life about yourself that it is the fact that you deserve better. If you ever feel life you must suffer for whatever reason, unless you have committed a crime, it is not actually true. YOU DESERVE BETTER.

On this happy note I am leaving you here for now. 



Monday. Travelling to Phuket today. Not looking forward to that. But oh well, with the big help from the cast PA I managed not to be late for my flight and arrived safely. As we were approaching our usual resort it felt like coming home, I have spent so much time here, crazy. I am not looking forward to shooting on the boat again though. The weather in Phuket now is actually horrendous.

Tuesday. Tomorrow is my last day on The Blue. Still cannot believe it. Also today we were introduced to our new marine team who actually look like fit men able to manage waters and boats. Also very professional. We should have had then from the start. I am in bed now contemplating my future. I had a plan to go to Koh Phangan for diving on Friday, but it seems that the whole of Asia is experiencing storms all over, so now I am not sure. Also I have discovered few more lumps in my armpits today and I am a little worried. Tomorrows last day feels so anticlimactic. Not like a typical end to the job that’s for sure.

Wednesday. The last day came and gone. Weird. But to top it all off as we wrapped on the boat after the sundown the engine of the boat caught fire. Yes the boat latterly got on fire as we finished filming. I mean, take that for symbolism. Also in the typical Blue fashion there was not a single producer around, forget the fact that it was the last day of photography for block 1. The boat with the actual crew was on fire and no one was around or picking up their phones. I have never been more disappointed in those men. In the evening we went to the Pig for few last drinks, at least all cast was there and they were super sweet. 

Thursday. I woke up surprisingly early, considering that I was in bed at 2am. Met up with Hans and Nina for breakfast, while waiting for Hans, who was late, saw a lot of other people wishing me good time off. Weird to be leaving when others keep shooting, but I am glad it is no longer my problem. The day was sunny and beautiful by the way, so we also spent an hour in the sun and my skin is so grateful. Stress has given me weird bumps and bruises and ah my hair seems to have stopped growing which is so unusual. So our bad boys gang also got mani padies, first time for Hans. I waved them goodbye just after 5pm. I had all the intentions to sit in the pig and watch the last sunset, but something came over me. Well actually I ran into few more people wishing me good bye and you know I realised that I hate long goodbyes. It’s actually so awkward in a way, you keep saying goodbye, but you’re still around, so I just stayed in my room and had a call with my mom while eating Russian take away food. Perks of Phuket being popular with Russians, I can get some of my childhood comfort foods. 

Friday. I woke up early. My taxi from the hotel is at 7am and I still had to pack. I am taking a bus to Koh Phangan today. I have not been on a bus in a year I think and even last time was because of Mexico and Roberto. But yes so now I am on what looks like a hippy bus to Phangan. It’s been years since I was there. It hold a special place for me, it was my first solo trip, although I was never alone. This is a place I learned how to dive and where I fell in love, the place after which all my world travels really began. 

Saturday. I did not go to sleep last night as I ended up going to the full moon party in Koh Phangan with the new friend I made on a bus. We ended up running into Lukas from Bangkok and long story short Lukas needed a place to stay for the night so I offered. We spent the rest of the day together, not quite sure what I make of this boy, but if someone asks for help I can’t say no.

Sunday. My first diving day. Ah it has been so long and Koh Phangan brings me so many memories. The boat was full and the crew was stressed. Also I have found out that my old dive school doesn’t actually exist, it was sold to the bigger dive school operating in the area. I’m not sure how I feel about it actually. In the evening me and Lukas went for a sunset on one of the viewpoints. It is kinda nice having him around. He has a scooter so that’s a big perk for my transportation.


  • Phuket and leaving Phuket.
  • End of The Blue.
  • Journey to Koh Phangan.
  • The island life. The diving the viewpoints.

Cheers with a glass full of liberated elephant!