Again, this post has been sitting and waiting for the photos to be edited. BUT it was so nice to have distance when doing so and actually being more appreciative of the time and memories I had in Koh Phangan.

My whole Thailand journey was coming to an end and being on this literal paradise island doing what I love was the perfect end to it.

Also I had an idea to encourage my brother to go diving with me here. It would be so nice to have this experience with him. 



Monday. Diving day 2. I am in Koh Phangan and I can’t believe it really. The diving today was so much more relaxed and fun. Also I met a girl on a boat who I knew from 5 years ago being here. Memories sort of rushed in. Also Lukas has a lot of drama in his personal life so I think it started rubbing in on me. Yet it is still nice that he is around. 

Tuesday. I am getting a hang of the dive boat and feeling familiar with the crew it’s fun. Met another guy from 5 years ago. It’s interesting that people tend to remember me. Sweet actually. Also I’ve been asked few times if I wanted to stay and do the dive master here. Honestly I would be so tempted. But it would also feel like I’m trying to escape from something once again. Europe awaits me.

Wednesday. My diving day off so I could finally sleep in, but I did not do it. I kicked Lukas out of my place and although I did a little cry in the bathroom I know it is for the better. I am actually proud of myself for recognising that his presence to me was pretty confusing and toxic. I deserve better.

Thursday. Back to diving and I’m feeling so alive. I love it! Also my sadness is all gone and it just goes to show how much the change in environment means. In the evening Julian asked me out for food and we ended up driving around on his scooter, I was taking photos and finally met Francois the new Co owner of the old PIDS now know as Asia Blue. I really liked him. He had one hell of a life. Literally. He deserves the peace of Koh Phangan.

Friday. Another diving day. Again. Beautiful. Best conditions on the Sail rock so far! Francois was my dive master today and we had a lot of fun. In the evening he invited me for the drum circle he plays at. We went with Julian again. I was taking photos and feeling the island life. It will be very hard to leave.

Saturday. Probably the best diving day I ever had. It was just perfect. We did two comfortable fun dives in the morning with Julian, just the two of us playing around and having fun underwater. Our air consumption is the same and I am pretty sure he has been diving since before I was born so I trust him fully. He is very good. Then we had a little gap and went for the night dive. Well actually we had one dusk dive and one night. Again amazing. The dusk was so different, corals going to sleep the reef getting more quiet while the group of travellies were on a hunt getting the last meal of the sleepy fish. Interesting. The next dive was in pitch darkness. With torches of course, but we switched them off at some point and with all the fluorescent algie it was as if we were between the starts honestly one of the best experiences of my life. 

Sunday. I woke up still unsure if I wanted to leave today. My speedboat was booked and my flight to Bangkok is from Phuket. After checking flights and different options I checked my hotel and it was fully booked for the next couple of days so I took it as a sign to leave. Yea and now I consider that one of my unwisest decisions in life, because the journey took 10h instead of 5h and involved a lot of waiting and dragging my suitcase around. 


  • Diving.
  • Taking control and being assertive.
  • Knowing what I want and I do not.
  • Thailand coming to an end.
  • Koh Phangan.
  • Love and simplicity.

Cheers with a glass of moving elephant!