My last entry in Thailand. Was. Such an honour and privilege it has been to be here. It is so true that we appreciate situations so much more when they have passed. In a way this is how I feel now too. Magic a bit of rest can do.

Hope you are all living your lives from your heart and pause to appreciate what you have.



Monday. Flying Phuket to Bangkok. I really like Bangkok. The greenery the city lights ahh. I checked myself in at the same hotel we were staying with work and after went for a Pilates class at the same studio. Little things like that make me feel more grounded. Also spent good portion of the night talking to Julian on the phone. We parted ways on Sunday and I thought that perhaps this would be the soft end of it, but it seems like maybe not. So let’s see. 

Tuesday. I spent the whole day in my room in Bangkok going through the photos and diary entries which I haven’t posted yet. If I did not include photos maybe I’d be more up to date, but what’s the diary without the images. Anyway. I needed this chill day at home. Aaaand Julian said that he wants to come to Bangkok to seem me off. I’m surprised, but not hesitant. 

Wednesday. So Julian took an overnight train from Surat Thani to Bangkok. In total his plan to see me took him about 16 hours. Crazy, but as he said, it is worth it. Honestly I was not sure how it was going to go, because what felt like an island romance might not translate into more of the real life scenario. But you know I kept my heart open from all the overthinking and it was easy. We walked a lot around the area taking photos and chatting, we ended up in soi cowboy and even ran into Lukas there which was funny or awkward not sure. But overall we had a great time together and it felt like a holiday for the both of us. At this point I am not questioning how I feel or trying to make sense of it. It was just nice and I am happy.

Thursday. Today we woke up early and pretty much spent the whole day in bed before heading to the airport. I’m in two hearts about leaving Thailand, because I got attached to the place and I do actually like Julian. However my work had booked me on the business flight so leaving in luxury is actually easier. Perhaps because I am not used to it. As I was on the plane I got champagne a meal and literally passed out till about 1 hour before landing. It was comfortable and the more flights like this I take the more I wanna do it again.

Friday. Woke up on the plane flying over Belarus. Funny because I literally few over Lithuanian to Helsinki to go back to Lithuania. I am excited to be back in Europe, but I do find myself bowing to people when giving thanks and adding ka at the end. I do really like the Thai gratitude culture. It’s actually good for the soul. I had a nice encounter with a taxi driver from the airport in Vilnius to my place. He helped me with my 2 massive suitcases and a separate bag of dive gear to be taken all the way up to my apartment just because he knew those were heavy. I had a box of sweets from Thailand for my mom, but decided to give it to him, because. I love human kindness. The rest of the day was also super productive. I spent it with my mom and it felt surreal.

Saturday. Today I pretty much spent the whole day at home. It was nice and sunny, but I was so tired I couldn’t get out of bed. Or when I did I only made it to the couch. I have watched the creepy documentary “our father” though, and finished watching “how to change your mind” I’m glad I’m finally using this fancy tv of mine.

Sunday. Went for 9am Pilates which was nice to get back into and started booking all the things I have to do for next week. Still haven’t unpacked. I am exhausted and jet lagged. Also got interview for a job tomorrow. Not sure how I feel about going back to work and this project seems long..


  • Time in Bangkok.
  • Last days of Thailand.
  • Memories.
  • Getting back home. My actual home and human kindness.

Cheers with a glass of a moving on elephant!