Hello and welcome to the first chapter of my time back home after 6 moths away in Thailand!!

Hurray and ahh I do not yet know what to expect or how long I am going to stay before my feet get itchy and take me away again. 

This week I did not take many photos as I was still so behind with all the Thailand stuff,  but also easing back has been rather hard process. Every time I come back home I feel like I have to rediscover it again.I remember it used to be like this when I had a stable non long distance boyfriend. Every time I would be back from work and back to our relationship we had to reintroduce ourselves to each other in a way. It kinda made a relationship that more interesting. 

Anyway, enough about that. The best moment of this week was meeting my baby niece for the first time. I never thought I could love a baby this much. ADORABLE.



Monday. Had a nail appointment with my usual girl. We always have nice chats and nice nails. She is cool. After I had a spontaneous dentist appointment followed by planned eFit class. I am going back to exercise with a full bang! Ah yes I also had a job interview which I wasn’t too sure about, but after it I kinda wanted it. Just not sure if they have enough money to hire me…

Tuesday. Another early start for me, because of Jetlag. Then Pilates and another dentist appointment. I am trying to figure out if I can or should get Invisalign for my crooked bite. Well it isn’t very crooked, but I feel like it will get there if I won’t do anything. Also met up with mom to try and see where we can organise the baby party for my niece . Exciting!

Wednesday. I woke up super early and waited in bed for the time when I should get up and start my day. I had acupuncture and eye doctors appointment planned for the day. So my eyesight gone worse from the last session and today I was diagnosed with the why. Basically I have a cataract in my left eye. Which is progressing rapidly, which means I might have a rather limited time of my 3d life and eventually I will go blind in that eye. I was pretty sad at first, but now I feel like this is just the hand I was dealt and I will figure out the rest. Also surgery is possible and hopefully I won’t need it for a while and maybe when I do the technology will be so awesome I’ll be able to get like a high tech implant. Who knows.

Thursday. 9am Pilates followed by brow bar appointment followed by meeting up with my childhood friend. Some years ago when we still lived in London and were both starting out on our careers he said that one day when I am ready he will find me my perfect husband. So today was the day we talked about it again. Also the occasion kinda called for it as he is in Lithuania for his baby sisters wedding. I know her since she was a baby it’s incredible to think that she is getting married now. Ah. In the evening Živilė invited me to go to chill by a lake, but when we got there she suggested to have a walk as well, which was later revealed to be more like a 6km hike. I am down for things like that, but I did not except it from her as she is 4 months pregnant. She rocks really! Also she is expecting a baby girl!

Friday. I had a busy day yet again with Pilates at 9am followed by eFit class, followed by my moms hairdresser appointment followed by acupuncture session and the shopping spree at Akropolis for all the things baby. My little niece and my sister with her boo are flying over on Sunday. Exciting!!

Saturday. I woke up and went for a massage and then got home just to lay and watch Good doctor on Netflix. I am so tired I have no idea why.. I really need to sort out my apartment as well as it is still a mess!

Sunday. I went to bet at 4am, had weird nightmares about cancelling my brunch plans with Karolis and woke up at 8am with a desire to sort out the mess at home. So I did. Finally. BUT THE HIGHLIGHT OF TODAY was the day I finally met my baby niece. She is so adorable, I cannot!! Really babies put everything in a different perspective. 


  • Meeting Leonora!
  • My family!
  • Being home. My own home.
  • Summertime in Vilnius.

Cheers with a glass full of sunny elephant!