SO. I am mega late, because life. This post and photos have been sitting and waiting to be done. It was so nice to relive those memories though. Time flies when I am not working that is crazy. 

BUT. Life and work balance seems to be going well. Hopefully now that I do not have many events going on I will be able to catch up with the photos much quicker. 

HOPE. All is well with you all!



My sister left with her family yesterday. I must admit that as much as I enjoyed them being here I got so tired. It would be so much easier if they just lived here and then all the time together would not have to be so concentrated, but of course it is not possible. I know there is some light in the future for my sisters partner to be doing his phd in Lithuania, so it could work out very well if only for a short time. 

Monday. A very long day of tests and doctors and cash being spent. I keep telling myself that I am very grateful that I can afford to give myself the care that I need, but also a little annoyed that it is like that, because I prioritise my work over health in the first place. Ah the paradox. Other than that was spending time with my sister and the baby. She is so so cute.

Tuesday. Pilates and eFit session. Was so tired afterwards, but had a family dinner. Again spent time with the baby and my mom and brother that was nice. My sister and Tomas have finally visited my apartment. I am doing laundry for them, because the baby poops, burps or otherwise soils herself like 10 times a day, so they are low on clothes.

Wednesday. Did not sleep very well. One of those days when I woke up and felt like I was still sleeping. Walked to have some burgers from my acupuncture appointment. Then it started raining so I went back home and had a call with my therapist. Felt better and edited some old photos. Productive!

Thursday. Took a day off from everyone and everything. Just dealing with organisations for the party tomorrow and light rooming all the photos. So nice to relive Thailand memories again!

Friday. The day of Leonoras party. I woke up early for my exercise went back home and fell asleep. Woke up way too late, but still managed to get everywhere on time. The decorator did an awesome  job and everything looked beautiful. For me the party went by so quick I barely noticed. I took a bunch of photos of the baby and all the friends and family. It was overall success. After it I went to the wine bar with my mom. I walked passed it a few days ago, it is in my new neighbourhood and since I had this little dream of drinking wine on a terrace for a while, today felt like the day to make this dream come true. 

Saturday. My sister dropped of some of the presents they got yesterday at my place, because they have no space for it to travel home with. We had lunch and finally I sat down at this reading space in the centre of Vilnius and read my book. I was so happy. After I went to Ikea with my mom and got me a bedroom lamp and a bedside table so I can read in my bed as well now. In the evening we all met up at my place and had Mexican for dinner. It was cosy, but I am so so tired.

Sunday. My sister with her little family has left today. We met them at the airport, had a coffee and waved goodbye. Strange feeling to not be the one who is leaving. Also since the party on Friday I thought that I’d like to attend a wedding, just cause it had been a while and guess what. I finally listened to the voice messages from Roberto and apparently those were about a wedding invitation. Back in 2020 when we were still chatting he invited me to come to his friends wedding in France and that would have been the first time we actually met in person. The wedding got postponed until now it seems and as he told me my name was still on the invitation. Also in the evening I was swiping through tinder and I matched up with a guy I have matched on multiple occasions on other dating apps through the years before. Lithuania is small. Anyway, he invited me for a walk last night and it felt nice almost like walking through my past dating experiences and redoing them. Even though we never went out before.


  • Family time.
  • Baby Leonora.
  • Photoshoots and the party.
  • So much love and the beautiful summer.
  • Meeting friends!

Cheers with the glass full of cosy family elephant.