Monday. It is a national holiday here today so nothing is open, just restaurants and supermarkets. Not sure why it is the day off, but it makes everyone happy as they are getting a longer weekend in summer. Mindaugas messaged me today. We used to date years ago and last saw each other about 3 years ago. I saw him on tinder, because Vilnius is this small and matched. We went out for wine at this cosy wine terrace I went with my mom on Friday. We talked and laughed and I had a lot of fun. He is now a children psychologist and has been officially for the last year. I am very happy for him. 

Tuesday. Pilates, e-fit and MRI scan. I’m am tired of spending cash on doctors. Honestly, it feels like I just gave away a month worth of salary just to get myself checked out. Ok. Gratitude vibes. At least I can do it. All is gonna be good. I decided to watch some mindfulness films about healing and to stop concentrating on what is not working well and thinking about what’s working right. The day again was super hot and sunny. I should be used to it, but Lithuania does not know how to handle the heat. We don’t have aircons and our houses are built to keep the heat in. So yea.. it is steamy here.

Wednesday. 9am Pilates followed by acupuncture session. After I sat in my favourite reading spot and finished reading my book. Went back home and did some editing and tiding up at home. Spoke to Miranda on a phone and ended up chatting to this boy I met on tinder who I actually know from school. 

Thursday. Today was a day off from all the sports and I still felt so sore. Glad I took it. It’s another very hot day. I went to see a traumatologist and he told me that I need to do a PRP surgery on my knee. Not sure what it is exactly apart of my own plasma being reinjected into my knee, will have to Google. But he said it might be possible to get my knee back to normal. Fingers crossed!

Friday. Woke up early. Ready to go. Pilates. E-fit and then the trip to the woods for the festival. My first time in a long time!

Saturday. Ah the festival. I woke up with the music still playing outside my tent. Can’t remember what time I went to sleep, but it was definitely the new day and the sun was out. Our little group is a bit random, but I am happy about it. I have never hung out with those people together apart of my friend who invited me here. So yea it’s a very unexpected fun.

Sunday. Another good day! The sleeping pattern is definitely messed up, but it was so much fun. I feel kinda sad that the summer is almost over and so is the festival season. When we got back to Vilnius we carried on until 4am brainstorming movie ideas, enjoying the summer night and laughing a lot. One of my fave take away from this trip away is that one of the guys from the group I have worked with on Chernobyl years ago and we actually didn’t like each other. We both knew that now, but we didn’t remember why and you know it just made me think of how insignificant some conflicts are, but how much attention we give to it at the time. So yes my fav take away here is that we left the past in the past  and completely moved on. That is such a nice feeling.

Cheers with a glass full of summer elephant!