This week photography wise was very quiet, apart of taking few snaps of my distant family. Just editing those few photos made me feel anxious. BUT, I know that harbouring bad feelings is like holding on to the hot coal with an intention of throwing it at somebody. You are the only one who gets hurt. So I am really trying to work through it. The week itself was actually very summery. Festival vibes still around. Health being fixed, plans made and friends being met. 

Overall the week just flew by due to all of my engagements. Life feels like holiday at the moment.

Love to you all!


Monday. After the weekend I had I was surprised I got up for my two back to back classes of Pilates and eFit. Showered, got changed and went off to get my knee fixed. As I was laying there on the table waiting for my blood to be separated into plasma before being injected back in, Curtis messaged me to say that he won 250 thousand pounds playing poker over the weekend. How crazy is that? I am so happy for him! He was dreaming of buying his own place and getting married to his fiancé for ages, but due to covid everything was getting postponed, so now he is back on track! How fantastic is this! Also I am a strong believer that if good things happen around you it means that you yourself are on the right path. So yay!

Tuesday. After my knee injections yesterday I was in a lot of pain. Getting that done while being a bit hungover was not the best shout but hey ho. I went to get my nails done and had a nice chat with my usual girl. She is so cool. We talked about soup recipes, I know that’s exactly what you’d expect. So after that I was super hungry, but my leg had no power to take me shopping let alone to stand for hours next to the stove. I ended up boiling some eggs and then had the longest nap. Glorious. I woke up at around 9pm and Ruta messaged me inviting to come out for few drinks at Piano man outside. I like that place a lot. So I did and we ended up out and about with the same weekend crew having cocktails and planning the New Years. So something to look forward to!

Wednesday. Today I had a bit of a strange day. Well it started regularly. My knee was hurting less, but also, I had an interesting acupuncture session. I felt out of balance in a funky way, that might be the residue of the festival detoxing. After that my brother called me to stay that he is meeting up with our dad and Co. We haven’t talked since my birthday in Manchester 2 years ago. I was anxious to meet him, but in the end it ended up being ok, he told me a lot about his side of the family which I knew nothing about. It was interesting and pretty useful also that was probably the longest conversation I had with him since I was a child or at least in my recollection. I’m the evening there was a rave in the Center of town for Ukraine’s independence. That was fun. 

Thursday. Had my toes done. Finally I am all matchy. Met up with Julija, it’s been too long! Now that she lives and works so much in London it’s impossible to catch her. As I was with her I saw my dad with his kids pass by. So after I ended up meeting them again.. another awkward meeting. My half sisters seem like entitled teenagers and at the end I told them if they want to talk they can contact me directly, but I don’t think that will happen. But again Ruta came to my rescue as an excuse to leave them behind. I was so anxious afterwards we ended up having a spontaneous night out with her boyfriend and his childhood friend. It left an impression on me, because the guy is 34 and already a divorced father of 3. 

Friday. Woke up late, because we had the late one last night once again. What’s got into me?? At about 9pm I got a desire to bake a cheesecake and so I did. Ruta came over so we talked and watched sexy beasts, a new alternative to the love is blind what we used to watch back in February on our slumber parties. It was fun.

Saturday. Had another late night, but at least it was at home. Slept in. Met up with Loreta for dinner, Julija joined in later. We are all friends, but it was the first time we were all together in one room. Funny. 

Sunday. Loreta’s flight was at 6 am so we basically stayed up until 4am. I was so dead once again, ended up in and out of sleep for the whole day. 

Cheers with a bit of a party elephant!