Heya! This is just me trying to catch up with my diary entries. Almost there!!

The week has been busy. The season has changed over one cup of coffee with Ruta on Monday. Crazy, but, this is another season change I got to experience this year and I appreciate that. I started my gratitude journal and wrote some plans and desires. I went on a date with a boy who I liked more afterwards. I feel more at peace and even a little inspired. I spent a lot of time with friends and I am so so grateful for that. Work wise it has been quiet, but I am also thinking of changing my agent. Basically a lot of things. A lot of good things.

Sending you all the love!


Monday. Went back to Pilates finally. Felt good, but my knee was still a little sore. Roberto finally replied to me. Phew I was worried he didn’t make it. Crazy. My life is a telenovela.. oh and finally I have met up with this guy Lukas I have been chatting for a while now. We went to the same school together. I kinda knew that, but pretended that I did not. Not sure why, but we had a nice time.

Tuesday. Pilates, went for breakfast with Lukas and ended up strolling around my neighbourhood for 5 hours. I took him to the actors agency to sign up and I used it as an excuse to update my profile there. I have been 5 years overdue. The weather has changed drastically. It’s getting colder by the minute it seems. The rest of the day I spent at home and it was a much needed rest.

Wednesday. We were supposed to go camping today, but decided to postpone. It got even colder! It wasn’t the reason though. I met up with Ruta and Ignas and we had oysters and mimosas for brunch. Fancy I know. After we drove around nice places and made a plan for the camping trip. Oh and before all that I met up with Domas. He has invited me to join him on a diving trip with his family in October. I wish I could make it, so fingers crossed.

Thursday. It’s the 1st of September and for the past few years on this day I start my gratitude journal again. I missed it. Also it is the day everyone goes back to school and for me it has a weird feel of worry and excitement. We left town for the camping trip. Nice way to avoid the business of this day and be somewhere else. As me and Ruta sat in the sun we wrote a list of desires for the magic practice. It is weird how easily you forget things unless you write them down, also I realised that the things I want now changed from the things I wanted a year ago and that is OK. If you change your mind before achieving something, it doesn’t mean that you failed necessarily, you simply changed your mind.

Friday. There is no decent reception in the countryside and that is great. We decided to say extra night, but this time I won’t be sleeping in a tent. The weather got really cold. This is it for the summer. Kinda sad, but I am glad I even had it in the first place. I could have still been working in Thailand to this day.

Saturday. Another day in the country. Drove back really late.

Sunday. Had a mushroom picking date with Lukas planned. No mushrooms in the forest so we bought some by the side of the road from the locals. Drove around and the weather was really nice. Lukas had a dip in the lake. He is pretty fit I thought. Afterwards we cooked those mushrooms at my place. He is my first ever date here, felt kinda special. Also I do like him. 


  • Summer to Autumn change.
  • Trip to the countryside.
  • Meeting Lukas.
  • Being introduced to the new agent.
  • Appreciating the healthy communication styles.

Cheers with a glass full of grateful elephant!