Alright. SO I have been pretty useless with keeping tabs on sitting down and writing. Mostly, because I am busy living or perhaps avoiding accountability of self reflection. This particular week has been busy again. But now I feel like I am a bit ready to settle into a routine again. Let’s see, Lukas being away for three weeks in the military makes me kinda feel like I need to take some time to recharge as well. That’s good. As the ‘Good doctor’ says, he made me feel ‘more’.

SO. Again. This week saw me dating, meeting friends and deciding to change my agent. Big week actually. A lot of firsts. Changing an agent is not something I was working towards, but I do welcome the change when it seems to be a natural progression. This is kinda the case and I must say it felt nice to know that they want me. Basically that I am finally in the position to be wanted, not that I am desperate for someone to represent me. New achievement reached. Also me and Lukas went for a walk in Vilnius holding hands. I have not done that in a LONG time. We drank some tea with rum, because it is getting chilly, walked all over the old town like a couple, it was cute. Dating in the familiar environment like my home town made me feel safe. I have never thought that it may influence how I feel, but actually it makes so much sense. Familiar surroundings are comforting and it is easier to make better decisions when feeling safe. Makes so much sense right?!

Anyway. This introduction is really a summery of the whole week as I did not keep up this week. BUT. It is OK. I will not punish myself with the degrading language, verbal or mental.

Love to you all!


Monday. Pilates in the morning. Most of the day spent with Lukas.

Tuesday. Call with the new potential agent.

Wednesday. Day in Kaunas. Met Rutas parents. Met up with Domas and his brother. Watched basketball, we won. All of the photos this week are from this day. I literally just walked down main road in the old town and had so much fun just photographing stuff. My type of meditation.

Thursday. Day with Lukas.

Friday. Lukas left to serve in a military. Night out with friends who are parents. A lot of chats about children and working in film industry.

Saturday. Day in, a bit sad, because Lukas has left. I am not used to being left, usually it is the other way around.

Sunday. Tash Sultana concert with Ruta and a bunch of friends who just happened to be there. Perks of the small city.


  • Dating in my hometown.
  • Day in Kaunas.
  • Meeting Rutas parents. I have not done “meeting parents” in such a long time it was cute.
  • Romance.
  • Domas and Ignas. Sibling bond is beautiful.

Cheers with the glass full of romantic elephant.