Hello and Hurray! 

I have finally caught up with my diary entries and it only took me 7+ weeks..

Well. So. Last week has been pretty mellow all things considered. Work wise everything is quiet, but I am letting my new agent surprise me. Gratitude journaling is going well. My birthday is approaching soon and it feels a  bit odd. I have not been back at home for my birthday since I turned 17. Also for the past I don’t even know how many birthdays I have always been at work, so now I don’t actually know what to do.

Monday. Pilates at 9 am. Good old routine. Hurray. I edited some photos and posted few things. Sent some emails and Ruta arrived. We spent the evening together chatting about relationships and watching sexy beasts. I am surprised we don’t have something equivalent on Lithuanian television. 

Tuesday. Today I had my spark aligners fitted onto my teeth. I feel like in my early 20s again. Actually Facebook gave me a reminder that 11 years ago today I was about to start university and I got my braces a month later. Symbolic. As I write this I also realised that today is the 13th day of my magic practice and I had to write down 10 of my desires today as an exercise. One of the things I wrote was, to feel and look 10 years younger. Clearly it already came true. Funny. Otherwise today was spent at home apart of pilates and a walk home after. I love those walks. Ah yes and Lukas messaged me today, which was very sweet. I am enjoying our very natural and seemingly healthy communication. 

Wednesday. A very productive day. Joined my mom and her school kids on the trip to the museum. FUN. Got a text message that the blood centre needed my blood so went to donate some. They actually told me that my blood will go to this particular man who is severely ill. Blood cancer I think. Ah yes I had lunch out for the first time after getting my aligners. It went better than I thought. I had an acupuncture session mid day followed by a little reading session at the library which I love and a film screening there for a documentary about Mariupol. Very interesting. The director was a Lithuanian guy who had died recently while filming the sequel in Ukraine this march. Pretty tragic. After ALL of this Ruta with Ignas came to my place and we played playstation till about 2 am. That was very fun.

Thursday. Had a very early pilates class followed by 10:30 manicure appointment. I broke my nail rather painfully when tyding up on Monday so could not wait to get it fixed. The girl who does my nails has become a friend of sorts and she is having a boyfriend drama so we kinda talked about that throughout the whole time. Afterwards we went to grab some lunch together and I was actually so exhausted after listening to it all that I took a nap. I think the fact that I only slept for like 5 hours last night also played a part. I don’t mind relationship drama, as long as it does not rub off on me. I love love and clear communication is the first element of making it work.

Friday. 9am pilates. As I walked home Margarita messaged finally initiating to meet up. It has been a while we saw each other just the two of us and we needed that. After I started therapy our friendship took a turn, we used to complain to each other a lot and once I stopped doing that it almost felt like we had nothing else to do together. Weird. But happens. In the evening I also had Kamile over. We had a great time. Also have not seen her since my house warming in February. OH almost forgot. I started the day by following the little “sparks” I saw on my walk back home. Firstly, I saw a woman with a bouquet of hot pink roses and took it as a sign to get some roses for my apartment too. I wanted to do that for a while. Because of my little detour for the flowers I passed by a bakery I have not seen before and stopped to get some macaroons for breakfast and a cake for the evening with Kamile. The bakery is a tiny boutique type and is run by women, they were super friendly offered me snacks, which I had to refuse due to the plastic teeth. Yes it has begun. I have to refuse treats from now on.

Saturday. SO the day started rather lazily. Apart of cleaning my home and giving thanks to it I have not done much until the evening. Then Ruta came over and I had a fresh woosh of energy, ordered us some prosecco and orange juice to make mimosas. We stayed up till 5am playing playstation, chatting and watching love is blind after the altar special. A very girly night and very much needed one too.

Sunday. Lazy start for the day. After overindulging on drink and food yesterday I decided to fast a little. Went to the store at about 5pm to finally get something for breakfast/dinner. Bumped into my friend Lukas with his toddler. He told me that another mutual friend of ours has just had a son. Unexpected, but of course happy news. I cooked, my military Lukas messaged so we talked for a bit. I really appreciate the little gestures, especially knowing that he does not have much time or reception to do this. So yea all is still well on the romantic front.


  • Friends.
  • Walks.
  • Nights in.
  • Trip with my mom to the museum with her students.

Cheers with the glass full of grateful elephant!