It is such joy to be uploading things on time. 

This is what I have been up to last week. Do not want to go into too much detail, because today is my birthday and I still want to have some energy to write my yearly post.

BUT everything seems to be going well. 

Love to you ALL!


Monday. Pilates in the morning and home time afterwards. I am really enjoying just being here actually and it helps with making my finances last longer since I am not sure when I will go back to work. I am not upset about it, I kinda believe that it is all playing out the way it will be best for me in the long run. In the evening Ruta came over and we played playstation.

Tuesday. Pilates in the morning and mushroom picking/ road tripping with my brother in the afternoon. We did not find mushrooms in the forest, but accidentally stumbled across what looked like a refugee makeshift camp. We were too close to the border.. The day was beautiful, we saw double rainbows on the way back, shame I never bring my camera to the woods.

Wednesday. Had eFIT class at 10 am today. They messaged me last night giving me a little nudge to come and train. That’s a very good marketing on their part. I felt good afterwards. Had acupuncture appointment and Ruta picked me up. We planned to go to a coffeeshop to read together, but before that I had to stop by the marriage place to pick up some documents for my sister. Honestly, that place feels like it is still living in the soviet times, starting with the interior and completing it with the attitude of the people who work there. Shocking is the word to describe it. In the end I couldn’t get what I needed, but also it sparked a hot debate between me and Ruta about the marriage in general.

Thursday. Pilates at 9am. Good old routine. I forgot my sunglasses in my brothers car on Tuesday, so I feel a bit like a vampire leaving my home without them. Sensitive to light and moving quickly through the streets in order to avoid it. For the rest of the day I cleaned my home again. Had a little piece of Keto cake, edited photos and replied to few emails. Some work enquiries came in today. Nothing definite yet, but promising.

Friday. Pilates and another quiet day at home. I cooked some traditional Eastern European food, as I was really craving it and then Ruta arrived. We had dinner and played ps4 again. At about 9pm we decided to come out and join her boyfriend with friends in town, just for a little bit. Well, fast forward 9am on Saturday morning we were back in my living room after the whole night of partying. Spontaneous – the best kind.

Saturday. Since I only got to bed at 10 am the whole day was a bit of a write off, but a nice one. Ruta brought me coffee in the evening and we had a little catch up on my couch again. We spend a lot of time here, it kinda turns into a sit com a little.

Sunday. Since I canceled my plans with mom yesterday, we met up today. She wanted to do a bit of shopping for my birthday. I am now a proud owner of kitchen aid cordless blender. Ah pumpkin soups, here I come!


  • Having my own home. I keep giving it thanks every day. It is a blessing.
  • Friends. The real ones.
  • Spontaneous parties.
  • My exercice regime. 

Cheers with a glass full of homey elephant!