So my birthday week was great. I am in very elevated spirits and a little loved up. I had a good run up to my birthday which was on Wednesday and then a very fun weekend celebrating. I am counting my blessings every day for the friends I have and all the love I get to feel because of it. Also I got a job! I actually got a job I really wanted, a perfect rebound gig to get me back on the film set. I can’t say what it is, because of the NDA I signed, but it will be my biggest gig yet. I am excited. 

So yes things are going great here. I am sending you all my love and if you don’t already do that count your blessings because they multiply!

Love XXX


Monday. Pilates at 9am. Good. Got back home with the intention to tidy. Lately I have been enjoying that a lot. I’ve turned into my grandma. SO. As I started doing that, Ruta messaged saying that they want to go to the country side for a day and if I wanted to join, which I did. Since my mind was set on cleaning, I literally did that in 30 min. Miracle really. AND was on time to go. We had fun there. It’s the same spot were we went before. You will see from the photos.

Tuesday. Pilates and eFit back to back. Nice walk in between. Good long shower. Hair washed. My plan today was to go to the coffeeshop to read, but Margarita came over and we ended up chatting till late, went to the supermarket and cooked pumpkin soup together with Ruta. Oh and played ps4 all together. Girly fun times.

Wednesday. My birthday. I had no other plans than to stay at home and do some writing and cleaning. It felt very comforting. I like having a day like this. I was a bit fluish though, but that did not stop me from going out for a few drinks just before midnight. Oh the morning actually started with various treats being delivered to my home from my sister and friends. I’m one lucky girl.

Thursday. Woke up with a little headache. Canceled all my plans which required me to leave my home and decided to stay in. Margarita joined me on my couch today so we spent the day just hanging. It was very cosy. I’m in happy mood because of my work prospects which got clearer today and my military man is returning from his service tomorrow. Yay. Can’t believe that I am actually here to see him come back. All is well.

Friday. 9am Pilates followed by eFit. Cleaned my home, had a little nap and my military man came back after his three weeks of service. I was nervous and excited to see him. It was very sweet. I practiced cocktails for my birthday party tomorrow, we laughed and talked, it was so very sweet. 

Saturday. No exercise this morning, just more prep for the party. Lukas left to do some things for his grandpa and said he will be back for the party. My guests were a little late, but the boys arrived first this time around. I had three of my old uni friends just playing PlayStation while I was taking photos of them and making the looser drink shots of hazelnut vodka. It was gross by the way, a huge miscalculation on my part. Anyway, once everyone was there we talked a lot had a cake my friend baked for me and I even got to blow out the candles. It’s been years. After midnight we all went out to the nearby club. It turns out I live in a very party area. Even my brother joined. It was a very good night I cannot believe I had an actual birthday party with friends, candles, a cake and presents. 

Sunday. We woke up at a decent time and Lukas had another quest to complete for his grandpa. It involved us going to his house to collect a book which he had to deliver to a man at a concert. It was a very beautiful walk actually, but also as we were almost done with the book delivery he decided to tell me in a very superhero way, that his grandpa is actually a very known person in Lithuania, he was the man responsible in helping restore our independence over 30 years ago. I watched a documentary about him earlier this year. I kinda knew that though, not sure where from, but non the less it was the first time he told me that himself. So the person we were delivering a book to was also someone important as he was presenting the concert to which we were invited to stay. It was a father and son duo of pianists. So yes on Sunday we listened to some classical music and it was beautiful. What a way to end the week.


  • Time in the countryside.
  • My birthday.
  • Lukas coming back from the military service.
  • My birthday party. All the friends getting along. So much fun.
  • Unexpected Sunday concert and the walk. 

Cheers with a glass full of a very grateful elephant!