Hello Hello!

I am yet to go through my photos, but before I get too carried away with the week I want to write this.

My last week has been full of love it seems, I remember writing it day by day and feeling very romantic vibes. Then on Sunday I was feeling a little avoidant and my thoughts got a bit muddier and now I am in a different mental state all together. SO what I am trying to say. Mental state is not a narrow line. It has ups and downs and twists and turns. What I think is important is to realise when your emotions are taking over your mind and not fall into the rabbit hole. It is ok to watch the show, but do not take that feeling for the absolute something. Anyway, this is my take for my week.

In other news I am actually very happy, my manifestations seem to come true right away. I like a boy who likes me, I have an exciting job to go to, I have time to spend with my friends and oh yes at the moment of writing I am in Rome. The weather here is glorious, I can still wear my leather jacket and feel warm. Ahh. 

Sending you all my love!


Monday. I had Pilates at 10am. After all this partying and eating sweets I really wanted it. I dropped Lukas off on the way and we agreed to meet up in the evening. It’s nice to plan a little date like that. Rūta came over for a bit and we caught up as we haven’t seen each other since the party. When Lukas got home we cooked together, he is a cook by the way so making dinners together is always a treat, as he always has some original ideas. Three of us played overcooked together which was fun and I like that him and Rūta get to spend some time together too as I spent so much time tagging along with her and her boyfriend. Afterwards we started watching the Serpent. The show I did a few years ago in Bangkok. Again I was glad that Lukas liked it. 

Tuesday. I had two classes this morning so Lukas waited for me at home with some breakfast. So sweet of him. Rūta joined us too as she attended the same efit class I do. My results inspired her I think. After breakfast Lukas left and Rūta dropped me off at the marriage place so I could finally collect my sisters documents. The weather was finally beautiful today again so I went out for a walk with my camera. Met up with Rūta and Lukas again in the late afternoon. We had a walk which lasted almost 3 hours, got super hungry and cooked some real gourmet sea food at home. Honestly dating a cook is amazing, because food is never boring. I love it. He became interested in Keto and makes it so I would not compromise my diet. I am actually in awe how thoughtful he is.

Wednesday. Today was my day off from exercise. I had grand plans to tidy at home and do some reading, but ended up hanging with Rūta and catching up with my mama on the phone. It was also long overdue. No date night tonight and it also feels just right. So far everything feels very balanced and I’m genuinely happy. I now realise that I’ve been rambling about my new boy a lot, but I actually like him and it surprises me. 

Thursday. Pilates at 9, eFit at 11:30, acupuncture at 3pm and a call with my therapist straight after. I had a very packed day today as between all those appointments I had other little chores to do. I mean I was glad I did all those things, but on top of that we had plans with Lukas to watch a movie out and then we cooked at home, some more delicious food and continued watching the Serpent. 

Friday. 9 am pilates followed by the home cooked breakfast, manicure appointment and a beautiful long walk with the girlfriends, joined by Lukas and another date night at home. A very productive day. But I am pretty exhausted I must say. Today Lukas told me about his plans for the weekend with his father and brother saying that he will be away for a night, to which I responded with ‘OK’, so he proceeded to tell me that although of course his going away is ‘OK’ people in a couple should share their plans with each other. SO I drew the conclusion that he believes that we are in a couple so to say. Which is sweet, but at the moment of writing this I have spent few days apart from him and I can feel my avoidant kicking me a little. Weird, because when I first heard it, it made me feel good. I guess I am not fully healed from my avoidant tendencies.

Saturday. The day was supposed to be sunny today and me and Rūta wanted to go horse riding. However I woke up pretty tired and Rūta pretty sad and also tired. She had some relationship drama in her life so did not feel like doing much apart of sitting with me on my couch, drinking Champagne and talking things through. I was happy to be there for her. So we really just had a day together.

Sunday. I had a very surprising day in. Lukas was supposed to be back today, but due to family commitments he couldn’t. Rūta was working and my mom did not want me to come very much. SO. For the first time in a while I spent the whole day alone, when I was not too tired so I needed the rest. It was a little strange and I had all sorts of feelings visiting me, because well, I did not feel useful, BUT, in the end it was good for me. It is very important to confront yourself from time to time and be fully alone with your unconscious thoughts. I go to bed now, content and a bit proud of myself. Happiest people should be able to enjoy their own company.


  • Home cooked meals.
  • Lukas.
  • Romantic strolls through the city.
  • Friends.
  • Sunny Autumn.
  • Friends being happy about my new job. The news have spread and not from me.
  • Ah yes on one of our strolls we popped to mine and Lukas’s school (we went to the same school, not sure if I have mentioned) it was pretty weird yet interesting experience. Have not set foot there in over 10 years and it still looks kinda the same.

Cheered with the glass full of loved up elephant!