I am once again late, but had SO many photos to go through!

This particular week was great. I had my first trip away for work in a while. It was so much fun to be back on set again and given the situation it really boosted my confidence and ego. I was there to help so everyone was super grateful for my presence. I was super grateful to be there so overall it was a success. Such a nice way to ease into what is going in few weeks when I will be going away for five weeks to Budapest. Excited.

All the love to you guys!


Monday. Pilates as per usual. Bumped into Ruta’s friend at the class and she gave me a lift home. We had coffee together and a nice chat at her make up studio. She is also a make up artist like Ruta. Afterwards I had all the beauty treatments, walks and book reading planned followed by the date with Lukas. SO. As I was getting my facial done I got a message from my script super friend who is shooting in Rome that they need help and if I could fly in tomorrow for few days. Fast forward to the evening I was checking into my flight, packing and watching Lukas cook dinner for us. Our home cooked meals are something. Also it’s a first time I leave him for work. Glad it is a little one and he took it well. 

Tuesday. My flight was at 7 am. So I had to get up and finish getting ready at 4 am. I told Lukas about the film crew meme which I keep seeing on instagram. It goes “-I want to wake up next to you for the rest of my life… -I wake up at 4am… -never mind.” Very appropriate in this situation. BUT anyway. Now I am in Rome on this beautiful huge set where everything looks like stone, but is actually made out of wood. I do not have much to do here to be honest, but my day has been extremely long so far. Our estimated wrap is 1 am, so yea… a lot of overtime for me. I am pleased though. On Sunday I had a day with my thoughts and I wanted a little gig for cash and here it is. Boom. I am very very grateful. Oh yes I bumped into Adrian, the dialect coach here on set, we worked together last year in Norway, so that’s funny. Little film world.

Wednesday. Day off in Rome. What a day, I took a bunch of photos, walked across most of the old town all the way to the Vatican City. Had some great food and wine. Loved it. Such a blessing to be here!

Thursday. I spent the morning prepping for the shoot. My call time was 2pm, estimated warp 1am. I have not done such long day in a while, so that’s interesting. I thanked my day going well in advance and I did have a very good day. Had time to chat with some of my colleagues, we had laughs, bumped into another guy I knew from the job in Morocco, he is Italian so it wasn’t so strange and had a long chat with the director over lunch. We wrapped earlier and I spent extra hour with Jelena debriefing. It’s nice knowing other script supervisors and we worked very well together. Until next time!

Friday. It’s 6pm and I’m on my flight back from Rome home. The work went by so quick and I am actually pretty tired. Sunsets mid air are something. I am looking forward to writing my diary getting a glass of wine and just dosing off. Lukas said he is going to meet me at home once I’m back, it will be pretty late, but since it is a first time when I return from somewhere I wonder how he feels about me leaving so abruptly and being away. So we shall see.

Saturday. We spent the whole day with Lukas today. Went to a museum we wanted to visit just before I left. It was a beautiful day here. In the evening Ruta with Ignas came over and the four of us played playstation. Cosy night in.

Sunday. Lukas needed a “day off” to do his things and I needed it to rest. All the tiredness kicked in. Somehow Rome feels like ages ago already. Glad to have gone, but also very glad to be back.


  • My first trip away in this new relationship.
  • Rome. Once Gaian. Exactly a year later.
  • Script super friend.
  • Glorious weather, food and sights.

Cheers with a glass full of adventurous elephant once more.