This is slightly overdue, but I will catch up!

I have been home for so long now. Unbelievable if I am honest and a bit hmm suspiciously good. I suppose having a comfort of a routine is making me a little paranoid, that this can not last. Well in reality it will not last and I know the exact day when I have to leave so. I should stop with all this negativity.

This particular week was fun, filled with friends and time with dare I say – boyfriend?

All in all, good times and I have photos to show for it.

All my love to you all!


Monday. Rome feels like ages ago! I had a super lazy tired day yesterday so was very glad to get back to Pilates at 10am this morning. Which I had with Margarita and since the day was surprisingly warm we ended up having a walk around town. Beautiful. In the evening Lukas came over and cooked us some dinner, after which we went to the cinema to see Vesper – a movie shot in Lithuania and Co directed by Lithuanian woman. A lot of my friends worked on it so it was fun to see and in general cinema is always fun.

Tuesday. Lukas had early engagements this morning and so did I – aka 8am Pilates followed by macha break with Rūta at my place and an efit class. I was so dead after all the exercise I couldn’t leave my home. Having that one week off from sports while in Rome really got me. I did some photos today though so that was fun and had an early night.

Wednesday. My day off from sports so I laid in. Bliss. Did some house work, had a call from my mom saying that apparently my brother has a girlfriend in Japan who came to visit him for two week this morning. Like what? Good for him. Later in the afternoon we made plans with Lukas to go to the art gallery, then he donated some blood and I watched. Still cannot believe we share the same rare blood type. After all this we went to see commercials from Cannes, which were fun, went back home and cooked another wholesome meal. Life is good.

Thursday. Pilates and efit in the morning. So sore today. My muscles are catching up with the break I had from being in Rome. Lukas had things to do today so I met up with my friend Domas who wanted to borrow my GoPro red filter for his diving trip. We ended up walking around town for quite a bit. I like that guy a lot. We always have such fun sharing our progress in lives. The evening I spent with my mama on the phone, it has been a while so we both needed it.

Friday. Pilates, quick doctors appointment followed by the day with Lukas. We hired a car and just drove around. It was his first time driving electric car. We started counting our firsts together. Kinda cute. In the evening I met up with my friend Aušra. I have not seen her in forever so it was good to catch up. Also she used to study with Lukas in the same year at school so she actually remembers him from then. Funny. We talked about the old times a bit. She herself is doing very well too, I’m so happy to see her progress. It was a good evening indeed.

Saturday. Rūta is filming in Šiauliai this week so me and Lukas went to visit her. I have never been to this town so the trip was also exciting. The weather was nice and we did some sightseeing. Lukas Said that one of his friends complained that he spends a lot of time with me. Well it made me think how glad I am that me and him also hang out with my friends so I have never heard such comments. Anyway the day was long, but fun. Our first trip actually.

Sunday. Today I’m tired and rightly so. However today we planned the hike with Aušra and Margarita. It went very well, the three of us have not been out together since I do not even remember when and originally Margarita was Aušra’s friend. Anyway, I did another 10km on foot and that is some sort of average for me lately. I’m happy about it. Went to bed early though. Was so ready!


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  • Trip to Šiauliai!

Cheers with a glass full of wondering elephant!