I had this sitting and waiting to be uploaded for the past few days, but this week seems to have gone so quickly!

My time in Lithuania is coming to an end, as much as I am excited to go back to work I am a little sad too. I keep forgetting that I do not deal with change very well, yet I always crave it. Something to talk with my therapist about.

SO. Week 13 was pretty full of new things and people. I mentioned to Margarita that I wanted a little party and boom it happened.  That’s pretty cool. The weather is slowly shifting into winter and it’s the 3d season change I would get to see at home. Extremely unusual that I am present for that, but this whole year was rather unusual in terms of the time I got to spend in the motherland. 

Anyway, I am very grateful and very blessed for how things are playing out. But mostly at the moment I am happy for my brother. It is so cute to see him loved up.

Love to you all too!


Monday. Pilates with my friend Margarita in the class today. We had a walk around the town again. The weather is so good usually at that time. Lukas was supposed to be busy today, but surprisingly wasn’t so he wanted to go to the cinema. I wasn’t feeling very well so instead suggested we played overcooked at home. I also made soup so was really craving a night in. Very cosy.

Tuesday. Pilates and efit, then breakfast with Lukas. I had plans to edit photos, but Margarita came over so we had a girls day in, cooked, watched Hocus Pocus and had some cocktails. Lukas is gone for the rest of the week, ah but he invited me to his friends birthday party on Saturday, so I meet some of his friends and a concert on Sunday with his family, so I meet them too. According to him I’ll meet them eventually so it could be now. 

Wednesday. Had a doctors appointment today which went well, but now I have to hop on some antibiotics to sort myself out. The rest of the day was at home. Chill. Perfect for the weather really.

Thursday. Had a very early, aka 8 am pilates class and after went to get my nails done. I won a manicure 6 months ago so finally used that. So happy how it turned out. Ruta was back in town so we met up and had a nice catch up. Also the new Love is blind came out which we normally watch together so had a little evening at home with some non alcoholic champagne. Fun.

Friday. Pilates and eFit in the morning. Glad I am back on track and my muscles are not killing me anymore, but after the week of exercise and my daily walks I needed a nap. Such a satisfying feeling to be able to nap as an adult! I will miss that once I am back at work. In the evening Lukas came over and we had a cosy evening as per usual. Watched the new All quiet on the western front, which came out on Netflix. So beautifuly shot, I was very impressed.

Saturday. Today I met my brother and his new girlfriend. She was very sweet and we had a nice little walk around the old tow, I took a bunch of their photos. In the evening we had that friends party. I have not been introduced to friends like that in a very looong time, but it went very well and it turned out that I knew some of them through mutual friends. Perks of the small town and country I guess. I joked to Lukas that he deliberately brought me there so that his friends would prom him to me, because they did. Big time. Well. That is also good I guess.

Sunday. The day was beautiful today, but after the party last night I spent most of it in bed, also the time change made it seem way shorter. In the evening we went to see the concert / film screening of The Passion of Joan of Arc. Felt like being at uni again watching all the classics. The screening was at a church, so a pretty interesting concept considering the film and all the controversy it had with the church when it was first released. Also met Lukas’s mom and even his grandpa. As first meetings go I think it went well, since we were there just to watch the show and did not have to talk much. 


  • Meeting brothers girlfriend.
  • Meeting Lukas’s friends and family.
  • Cosy day with Ruta and Margarita separately.

Cheers with a glass of socialised elephant.